Friday, January 22, 2010

The wind's gonna blow

1/22/10 Friday
Yesterday we picked up the disc I bought from the rancher we know from the farmers market. My memory was that it was smaller than the other disc we also bought from Skyler and had loaded on the truck without problems. Unfortunately my memory isn’t always reliable. Skyler tried as best he could to load it without causing any damage as I directed him, but that wasn’t to be. It bent the side of the truck despite our best efforts. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it goes sometimes. This isn’t the first time I damaged the truck, bent the other side out with the old man’s bobcat last year as I loaded manure on it. I hope the people who gave us the truck don’t get upset because we aren’t taking care of it as well as they think we should. I worry about that kind of stuff probably more than I should but do anyway. This kind of paranoia has been there since I woke from the coma but I have a better handle on it now. Still I always wonder who I offended or what people think of me.

See the round hose reel peaking out from the sand?
We had quite a wind two days ago and they’re predicting fifty MPH winds today with gusts up to eighty in some areas. I noticed this peeking out from the sand yesterday and remembered there are lots of soaker hoses here that the wind covered over with sand. This is why I built the racks, to hold things off the ground and prevent them from getting lost in the ever shifting sands. I thought these before and after pictures would illustrate that well. While the wind covers things up it also exposes stuff too. There is lots of broken glass that is now laying on top of the ground.

Friday is a poop scoop day so I’ll be running to Midland today. At some point I need to find a place that sells mud flaps for the truck so I can get it inspected and titled, along with the trailer. I suspect there’s some kind of time limit to do that stuff so need to get on it. Tractor Supply didn’t carry mud flaps so I’ll have to look around.

Time’s a’wastin so got to go.

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