Monday, January 04, 2010

1/4/10 Monday
It’s Monday, the start of the first week of 2010, or at least the first Monday of the year. Things are going to get real busy around here, excitingly busy. There is much to do but I need to focus on the business plan and getting it all together now that the state is pitching in to help. I must run to Midland and buy dog food this morning because I forgot to yesterday and the dogs are totally out now, after I poured the last in their bowl last night. Cherie ordered some seeds last night but I need to dig through this laptop and find the information I downloaded long ago about what to plant when. All of that, several years worth of downloads and information gathering, became a jumbled mess when it was transferred to the new hard drive I had to buy for this laptop. (The third hard drive we’ve had, including the original one) We so much look forward to the Apple computer that’s on it’s way. Then there will be a central place where we can put and organize all of this information.

The Verizon internet seems to work ok but is a little slow. We’ve got thirty days to make up our minds if this is the way to go.

OK, I’ll rephrase that. I tried to download a new spyware program and after an hour and half it was still downloading so I took our trash to the landfill. When I got back I saw the message that the download was unsuccessful. So it’s not working very well.

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