Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does wet sand blow?

1/23/10 Saturday
Went out and checked stuff. Must have done a good job securing things cause there wasn’t too much gone or blown around. Of course I’ll learn more later as I work around the place. We went to Midland this afternoon. I had gone earlier too buy tractor parts and mud flaps. This time we needed to go because the water station in Stanton wasn’t working and we were out of water. Besides that I didn’t go in to poop scoop yesterday so needed to catch up on that. Just before we left I had a bad slowdown and a headache to accompany it. We went to Chili’s for lunch and the noise was an overpowering cacophony that made it almost unbearable. I was in a hurry to leave for sure. Now we’re back home and Cherie closed the drapes to darken the bedroom. The wind is howling again. We had the idea that the rain meant sand won’t be blowing but that’s obviously not true. We could see it blowing miles away. I’m going to lay here and hope for sleep till this headache goes away.

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