Friday, January 29, 2010

Surprised and gratified

You can see how the sand quickly covers items I had just dug out a day before.

1/29/10 Friday
I was surprised and gratified at the personal emails I got in response to the “I can do all things…” blog post I made yesterday. It reminded me that I am not alone in these things, that there are millions of brain injury survivors and even more others who have disabilities and must live and deal with the ignorance and judgment of those who choose not to see and understand their issues. What I noticed in their emails is it wasn’t my whining that they commented on but my resolve to move forward and succeed despite and in spite of what others think. It’s encouraging to me that somehow, through the depressions, disappointments, and struggles I have I somehow provide inspiration to others. Thank God for that. It’s all a wonder to me.

Today I plan on attending the gathering of fellow believers at the HeBrew Coffee House at noon today. After that I intend on visiting the sweet little old lady I help. There I need to interview and gather information to send to the attorney in Houston who expressed interest in her case. As I described what happened he told me that it had all the red flags of predatory practices used by unscrupulous agents against the elderly. His firm specializes in taking on this kind of stuff. I also will take our vacuum cleaner and vacuum her carpets as I am unable to fix hers till the part she ordered comes in. That will take a couple of weeks. Then I will repair her garage door.

Till then I will work on preparing to pull mesquite trees out of the ground by digging around them so the cable Nate gave me for that purpose can grasp them at the root crowns. Over the years sand builds up around their bases so those crowns are a foot or three deep. All the rain we had will help greatly as long as I get to it before things dry out. Otherwise I will have to soak the ground. This is important to get done as these trees are springing up all over the place and besides the two inch long spikes that will easily flatten a tractor tire they are often right in the middle of garden plots and pathways.

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