Tuesday, December 02, 2008

dead kitten morning

12/2/08 Tuesday
This morning starts with me finding Scamper, the kitten we got when Dusty was run over, dead by the mulberry trees at the front of the house. He didn’t have the damage one would expect if he had been run over so I have to wonder if Ben or Gretchen (our two outside dogs) had killed him. I know that Ben’s greatest sport is chasing and cornering the cats. This has put me in a poor mood. I don’t want the dogs or cats bugging me for hugs and pets so yell at them when they come near to keep them away.

Yesterday Cherie fixed a great dinner with a roast and mashed sweet potatoes over at Janie’s, where she is house/dog sitting. So we had dinner at Janie’s. It was good to spend time with Cherie and we ate and watched some TV. I wanted to spend the night but got to thinking about our animals at home and decided it was best to go home. When Rascal and Trixie are left alone for too long they start tearing things up.

I’ll have to motivate myself this morning. Don’t feel like doing anything.

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