Friday, December 19, 2008


12/18/08 Thursday
Cherie and I both woke up with headaches. In a way that is good news as we did not have a fire going last night so it rules out fumes from the wood burner. What caused them? Who knows. I have headaches anyway so it’s probably nothing that triggers them in both of us though I’m sure I give Cherie a headache or two. (or ten or twenty of them)

12/19/08 Friday
Hurray!!! Cherie got a job but more importantly she enjoys it and is excited. She works for a church, who’s name I don’t think I should reveal. She worked half a day yesterday and today will be her first full day. What makes her happy makes me happy. So I’m the house husband again, which is fine by me but I’m not too good at it.

We both woke up rested with no headaches. That’s reassuring. It’s going to be a nice warm day and I hope to get much done. I made some progress on the garage yesterday but not much. Right now I can’t remember anything else about the day other than talking to Suzie in Toledo. They got a food basket from a church but she told me that it looks like the kids won’t get anything for Christmas. We got a fifty dollar donation from someone in our Sunday school class that I split, sending twenty five each to Suzie and her brother Bobby. Wish I could send more. Calvin couldn’t get the truck to run so that means he is unable to even go scrapping for a few meager extra dollars. With six inches of snow on the ground and more coming not having a vehicle to drive is real hard. They can get food at a carry out five blocks away but the grocery store is out of reach.
I found a lot of things when I uploaded the discs, including some humorous stuff like this

That’s it for the start of the day. I saw a great sunrise (The one posted here) when I went to let the dogs out of the kennel so I ran back in to get the camera. By the way, I was able to upload the eight CDs that had backed up pictures on them. That means I only lost about a years worth of pictures. Plus there were a lot of legal documents that I had scanned on them so I was happy to see that.

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