Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nice warm morning

This morning from our kitchen door.

12/20/08 Saturday
It’s a nice warm morning. I made some good progress on the garage/workshop yesterday. My back is telling me I worked hard, which I think is a better than no pain for no activity. I’d rather hurt and have done something. I made it this far on setting up the chop saw to fold out of the way when not in use. I still need to devise a way to support it when open and lock it in place when folded under the bench. Till then a two by four will do the job. Next I want to do something similar for the planer. I have a fancy way of doing it in my mind but probably should keep it simple. I had hard enough time doing the chop saw and that was a fairly basic set up. I still have lots of the woodworking skills of my past but figuring out how to do things is hard today. I spent days looking and studying how to do it, and tried to draw up a blueprint. I gave up on that in frustration. I’ll have to go back in this journal to see exactly how long I’ve been struggling to do this.

Cherie is fighting something off. She’s had bad bouts of being hot and then freezing and it’s not the hot flashes that come with this time in her life. I gave her the antibiotics the doc ordered for me. This morning I need to run to the Big Spring VA and get more. Then I must run into Midland to poop scoop at Janie’s and get some nuts and bolts for the workbench projects. That’s close to a hundred miles driving right there. I’m not keen on driving that many miles but that’s West Texas. This is the time of month our money gets real tight so I’m glad gas prices are down. Despite being short on cash we gave some more money to Suzie. When I talked to her she was terribly depressed and said “The kids aren’t going to get anything for Christmas”. The money we gave will probably go to getting the truck running. That’s more important than Christmas gifts.

It’s a good cognizant morning so I’m getting out early to take advantage of that. I fixed Cherie breakfast. She sure appreciated the break. Time to get out and doing things so see ya later.

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