Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need to find a balance

10/20/10 Wednesday
Good morning, gentle readers. (Presuming all our readers are gentle) We got off to an early start today, getting up and moving by 5:00. I woke up around 4:30 and debated getting up to pray, but opted to stay under the warm covers, so contemplated on recent events in our life and things of the Lord. Cherie woke up and we decided to get up and moving so she fired up the coffee pot, a vital part of our morning routine. I got dressed and went out to pray, something I do a lot more of lately. It was chilly for sure but there is a peace that I find outdoors in the early hours before the sun comes up and at evening when it’s going down, so it’s a good time to reach out to God.

Midnight is still kept outside most of the time but we do allow him to come in some. We block him in the veranda area at night to prevent the possibility of him wandering at night, like Ben and Gretchen did. We let him spend the night indoors once and he left a “present” for us that Cherie stepped in when she got up that morning, so that ended that. We’ll start crate training him so that this won’t be an issue. After losing Ben and Gretchen we are more protective and have no desire to lose another pet so Midnight will get to come inside more often. He doesn’t go after the cats, a good sign.

Every morning our pets come to us for some loving. Rascal is eager to jump on the bed, where he lays his head on my arm for pets, and if I don’t he paws me to demand them. Trixie jumps on the bed as well and Carman Kitty usually crawls on my chest, where he purrs loudly as he nuzzles my chin with his head. Gracie runs into the bathroom with me, where she meows incessantly, demanding her share of pets and love. Midnight is still figuring things out so hasn’t developed routines, but he does come running when I go outside and walks with me closely, often positioning himself between my legs when I stop.

Such is our morning routine. It is good to minister to our pets this way, to give them the love they crave, for in the process we receive as much as we give. It’s a medically proven fact that those who have pets to love have greatly reduced stress levels with related health benefits of lower blood pressure and heart disease. I just know there is a comfort in loving our animals, who love back with no strings attached, forgiving wrongs done to them with gladness. If only those who go by the name “Christian” could love like that, could love as Jesus commanded, for it would change the world. Oh, I know there are many who do, in deed, practice this selfless love, but they are few and far between. I have no room to talk either, and understand that there is great room for improvement in my life, but at least I realize and recognize this so that’s the first requirement for change.
The Christmas corn is faring well so far.

Today I must focus on writing. There are 50 letters I need to write for the Kairos Prison ministry week we will be participating in at the end of this month. Then there are some bible studies that have been put on a back burner for to long. These things have been neglected due to all the work that must be done on the farm. By the time I come in, usually when it gets dark, I’m worn and there’s no energy left for writing or studies. Somewhere in this I need to find a balance. The business plan and other needs have long been lost in the daily shuffles of what has to be done. When Mwambi was here he prayed that I would get the help I need without knowing anything about us.

So I’ll go out and take care of some basic stuff around the garden, stuff that is required to do. Then I’ll come in and…avoid the distraction of the internet and write.

It’s noon, well 11:49 but that’s close enough. I’ve been out hoeing weeds all morning and it doesn’t seem like I’ve got much done. That’s ok because I know I’ve worked hard and done the best I could so there’s no point in kicking myself about it. As I worked I thought on the troubles a brother has at the church he pastors. There has been exposure of sin there and it involves someone well known and I presume respected. With the exposure there are ripple effects that I’ve seen all to often. People are talking, no gossiping. I am sure they are taking sides, some don’t believe it has happened and some don’t think it should be revealed. What I know is that spiritually this is an opportunity the devil will, and is, taking advantage of. A little nudge here, a little poke there, a poison word said in one place bears fruit elsewhere as weak minds are manipulated to achieve as much disruption and discord as possible. This is how Satan works and this environment is his playground. So I pray for my brother, pray that others in that church recognize the danger and band together to practice the spiritual warfare we are all called to perform. Pray with me, y’all who pray, that this settle out to show the love and forgiveness of God and in the end the church will be stronger for it.

I have garlic to plant and desire to plant ginger as well. We bought garlic to plant but need to find some ginger root in order to get it started before winter. As I write this I’m remembering that ginger doesn’t do well in the winter and perhaps should be planted in pots that can be brought in. I need to go read up on it again as my memory is not always reliable. Garlic I know for sure is good to plant in the fall. I sure wish I had more time and some manpower to help do this. There is a sacrifice I make to do things like the Kairos ministry and other stuff, but I will trust that God will reward that.

Speaking of sacrifice, I must neglect my farm now and spend the rest of the day writing and getting things ready for the Kairos week that is just eight days away. There is a good chance of rain tomorrow, so there are many things I should be doing to prepare for that but such is the nature of sacrifice. It costs you something.

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