Monday, October 18, 2010

It is well with my soul

10/18/10 Monday
Good morning readers. It’s the start of another week and as always there is a big list of things to do. Next week we head down to Fort Stockton where we will spend four days ministering at the prison there. Saturday was the last of the training days Cherie and I have attended to prepare for this. We covet your prayers during the four day we will be there. It is exciting to me that my wife and I will be doing this together and this is an amazing testimony to the power of God to change and restore life.

We had bishop Alexander Mwami ministering at our church Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He oversees hundreds of churches in South Africa as well as around the world, along with an orphanage, college for training missionaries, (800 missionaries trained and sent out so far) along with television and radio outreaches. There is no question that the power of God moves through him and we were blessed to receive from the bishop. Tonight Cherie and I will have him over for dinner and will be firing up the grill. If anyone wants to stop in and meet him you are welcome to do so. Email me at if you need directions on how to get here. We’re planning on eating around 6:30.

Part of what I learned from his teaching is the power of our words and the need to speak positively. He called it “speaking God’s language” and gave many scriptural examples of it. The most striking was the widow that Elijah, the prophet, stayed with. Her son had died and when she went to meet the prophet he asked “How goes it with you”. Her reply, despite the fact that her son lay dead back home was “It is well”. Because of her faith and trust Elijah went and raised the son from the dead. It is often hard to speak positively when all around you looks bleak and it seems that good runs from you but this is an exercise in faith. We’ve had friends turn on us and reject us, we’ve had our money seized by the government, and many other things happen, but I will say “It is well”, for I know God is with us and His hand has been on our life. So everything bad that happens is ultimately to the glory of God for when it is all overcome all will know that God is God and nothing formed against us will in the end prevail.

There’s work to do so that’s all for now.

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