Monday, March 19, 2007

Already the 19th

Hard to believe it is already the nineteenth. Not doing bad at all this morning other than the pain I live with anyway. Don’t know what I’ll be doing today but as soon as I walk out the door I’ll see a hundred things that need to get done. Trying to schedule these things helps as long as I stay focused on the task at hand.

Janie asked in yesterdays comments how my mother in law is doing and thus let me know I had neglected to keep y'all up to date on that. Mom is doing better but it is still a fight. Now she has a staff infection in the lining of her lungs. When she first went into the hospital she was diagnosed with pneumonia and then they discovered the heart problem. They had gone in to repair two valves but that created such a strain on the other two valves they also failed so they had to rush her back in and fix those two as well.

It's time to get to work. Hopefully I'll have more energy at the end of the day and will catch up on this blog. There's lots I've skipped over.

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday. They help me recover what I did. The first one shows some of the branches I put on the bottom of the railroad tie flower boxes. This helped take up room so I didn't have to haul as much dirt to fill them.

I put newspaper on top of them to keep the dirt from filtering down later. Might or might not work. I just guess at how to do things so time will tell and I will learn.

This is where I got allot of the dirt for the flower beds. This area was at least a foot higher than the walk because of decades of the wind depositing soil there. After digging the trenches I leveled it all out.

I am making a sort of curb where we would like the drive to go in the future. I'll be getting any dirt I need from this area, which will help bring it to the level of the driveway.

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