Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life is what you make

3/27/07 Tuesday
Second day of the week and that leaves only three days till the disability check get here. We did good on the toilet paper conservation thing. Won’t have to use paper towels or newspaper. Actually we still have a few bucks left so Cherie will go into Midland to get milk, bread, and any other vital necessities we need. Next month will start out tight as we must pay the overdraft protection money we took advantage of to makes ends meet. That’s about three hundred bucks which takes a huge bite out of a nine hundred dollar check. That’s ok, we’re good at being frugal and will be fine.

Yesterday I tried to post the days closing thoughts and some pictures but blogger and my computer were not cooperating so I gave up and went to sleep. So here they are.

Cherie got a phone call this morning about the job she is hoping to get. I don’t remember if I mentioned anything about it in previous posts (typical for me) so I’ll go into it a little here. The job is for the National Association of State’s Departments of Agriculture and entails Cherie going to farms that appear on aerial photographs and inquiring about what they will grow this year or other pertinent information. That would be such a perfect match for our long term plans. It will help us meet and get to know the local small farmers. If I ever can open Carroll Yader’s building on I-20 as a farmer’s market it will be invaluable. At least in theory. It is a job that comes and goes in that they only work when there is a project or something like that going on. Then she will go like gangbusters for a few weeks till it is done. Then there will be a period of time, which is unknown to us for now, where Cherie will have no work till the next big push. That will fit in well with her desires to start a sewing business. Anyway, the guy will come here to the farm tomorrow at six or so to interview Cherie. Suppose I’ll be cleaning up, which I am working on anyway (for the rest of my life).

So here’s the pictures. I'll start with the last part of yesterday's entry that never made it on.

It’s 2:00. I just took a break to eat the lunch Cherie fixed for me. Not tired like I usually am at this time. I’ve been busy cleaning out where I will set the plank up as a table top. Sweeping wasn’t working as it tossed up clouds of dust I didn’t want to breath. There is sand up to an inch deep on the floor from the sand storm they had while we were in Ohio. Stuff is all over everything. OK…this is it, I’m getting out the big guns now. Time for the big shop vac. I got my dust mask out and switched the hose to the blow side. Time to make clouds. This let me get sand out of corners that were blocked by things stored there.

Here is a picture of a kinda clean floor. Look good cause it’ll be gone with the next wind.

This is one of the supports I made to hold the table top up. I decided to hand cut the joint on this, mostly to help regain the old skills I used to have. The first two I did came out pretty crappy but this one looks good, especially when you consider I didn't have the right tools. Unfortunately, in my concentration to do this well I put the joint on the wrong side of the board.

This was only part of the typical errors I encounter as I work. Mostly they are the result of my not remembering what I had planned on doing or some other detail. The end support you see here was placed on the wrong wall stud.

I downloaded the pictures on my camera and learned some of what I did. This is the corn on the best patch we have. You have to look hard to see the little one or two inch sprouts mixed in with the broken glass and debris that is a part of the soil on this part of the farm.

That was yesterday. Here are some other pictures we took then. There was a fantastic double rainbow that showed up as the sun went down yesterday. Took lots of pictures so here are some of the best.

Of course I had to get my favorite tree in on this. The lone pecan tree.

So here is the rainbow of my life. (that would be Cherie) She is talking to her sister Cathy. Mom is doing much better folks. They got her moved out of ICU into her own room. The staff infection is still there but losing strength. They gave her a test to see how well she swallows after having tubes down her throat for so long. She didn't pass it so they will give her another one today. If she passes she will be able to eat real food. Thanks for the prayers.

Finally here is yesterday's sunset. I could have sworn I posted this last night but it didn't show. Can't rely on my memory anyway. I told Cathy I would post this for her as we tried to describe it over the phone. That is like describing how chocolate tastes.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Nice pictures.

Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Check out my most recent post of a guy dragging a 9-foot cross.


sweetbeachcafe said...

What a beautiful sunset. The rainbow's cool also! Thanks!

Bob said...

Yeah, I saw that one Jacob. Was going to make a comment but that thought got away from me so never did. Checked out your Jokes blog too. That looks like it will be fun. Oddities and Endities (There's a link on my sidebar) could be a good source of stuff.