Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good morning

3/10/07 Saturday
Good morning. Woke up at about 7:30 this morning along with Cherie. Usually one of us is up earlier than this. It will be a bright productive day because I intend for it to be so and will work at it. I am in a bit of pain this morning but I suppose that is to be expected after pushing this body farther than it wants to go. My theory is that the harder I work the stronger I will get and with stronger muscles to hold this frame up my pain will be reduced. That holds true as far as muscular strength goes but probably not for the spinal injuries. I’ll find out. I look forward to making this a producing farm thus getting off disability. This spring will be our educational first step as we endeavor to plant a not so simple garden. Our money is real tight but we will sacrifice to buy the basic equipment needed for the garden. That will be potting soil and a bunch of those little compartment things they call flats that will be used to start the seeds. These starter flats have a plastic dome over the top that keeps in moisture and heat for an ideal starting environment. There will be other stuff we need. One of the important things will be labels for everything. We will keep it all carefully recorded, what is planted in a spot, what date it was planted. I think we will develop something like a spreadsheet on the computer to help us with that. There goes my imagination again. We’ll see if that happens.

Cherie has gone to Midland to take care of much needed shopping. She has painstakingly mapped out her course of stores to take advantage of each ones strengths. She knows what she’s getting where. Cool. She’s aiming to get enough food to last us three weeks except for perishables and do it for sixty or seventy bucks. She’s good at this so it will be good.

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