Monday, March 26, 2007

Another week starts.

3/25/07 Sunday
We are late getting moving this morning. We will skip Sunday school. I went out and checked for any signs Skittles has been around but there are none. The corn looks about the same as yesterday, not a lot of new plants showing up if any. I am not totally up to speed and have a mild headache. Hope it gets better.

Note; didn’t take a pain pill this morning.

3/26/07 Monday
Yesterday was kinda strange. It was like someone had stuck a straw in us and sucked all our motivation out. Neither one of us was moving fast and we both felt like crawling under the covers and going to sleep. Other than the headache I didn’t have the pains that have plagued me for the last few days and I was glad to not take a pain pill. Don’t need one this morning either.

We had lots of rain overnight. That is always good out here. Today, Lord willing, I will work on making more garden beds for the vegetables we want to grow. None of the seeds I planted in the seed starter flats came up with the exception of one bean. I probably didn’t do something right but most of the seeds were gifts and are old so they may not be any good anyway.

Skittles just showed up at the door. His ear is a little chewed up. That cat is using up all his lives. If we get some money we’ll have him neutered. Perhaps he’ll stay around then.

Time to get moving.


Amy E said...

Hi Bob! Tell Cherie hello. Hope to stop in and see you in the next few months. Have a Happy Easter if I don't talk with you before then!

Bob said...

Good to hear from you Amy. Hope things are going well. see ya

Anonymous said...

Starting beans to transplant not a good idea. Sow diect to garden

Bob said...

Thanks. I can use all the advice I can get.