Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another day

3/31/07 Saturday
It’s the weekend, hooray. Actually it is just another day for us. The weather says it’s going to be nice for the next couple of days. I won’t complain. As you can see I never did get around to putting the pictures on the blog. Not unusual for me, especially towards the end of the day. That’s when I often just run out of steam and nothing much gets done. I’m a little slow this morning, running a six or so on the bob scale. Now that I’m back working on the garden the pain level is up to the point I must take the pain medicine.

I am having a hard time figuring out what to write about so I’ll quit for now.

Thought – After foundering around for days I finally figured out what I have figured out hundreds of times before. That is too focus on just one thing. I was going to focus on building the garden but the array of things to process such as what to grow, where to plant, how to plant, and many more pretty much was more than I could process. So I just picked melons and after sorting them would select just one. That way I only had to learn about one plant and could keep the package and it’s instructions with me. Thus I could keep referring to it when I forgot what I read five minutes before. So I have melons planted. Tons of them. I’m sure I went overboard with this but that is not unusual for me. Besides that many of these seeds were packaged to be used in 2005 so they may not come up at all.

Today I’ll do lettuce. After reading the packages I see that most of them do not do well in the heat. Should have been planted much earlier. I don’t seem to be keeping up with this well.

It’s almost three now. Been out working on the garden since eleven. It only looks like an hours worth of work to me. When I came in for the lunch Cherie fixed for me I told her that I was getting that strange dizzy feel in my head that sometimes is a precursor of a partial seizure. After eating I went back to work outside. It’s a wonderful cloudless day with a cool wind. Great day to work on the garden. Long story short the seizure is here. For those of you unfamiliar with this my seizures are not the kind epileptics get. What I have is…I’m having a hard time formulating this so will break till it comes. It is like my brain going from the fastest Pentium computer to an old 286. Everything slows down and it is harder for me to process what is going on around me much less thinking something out. They vary in intensity and are often undetectable to others. Cherie has become adept at recognizing them after being with me nearly four years. In fact I came in to talk with her as it is then I know how bad it is. I’m getting lost here, not keeping my train of thought. We were going to Midland to get stuff for the garden and I wanted to take Cherie and visit Leroy or Carroll Yater. Not going anywhere now. Running a three on the bob scale. Of course a big headache is coming with this, wouldn’t be a good party with out them all here now would it?

Just read the first entry for today and see that I started out slow. It’s a push through it day.

I didn’t clear up till around 7:00. With a clear head and new energy I worked on stuff until nearly midnight. Lost most of a day. Hate when that happens.

These are the beds I made for herbs and spices. They look like graves don't they. None of the herbs and spices we tried to start came up. That is partly because the seeds were given to us and most of them are out of date.

The other reason I think is this potting soil. It is Miracle Grow potting soil. Look at this crap, mulch in the soil. Not just a little as you can see. Stuff doesn't grow well in wood chips. Stay away from Miracle Grow potting soil.

Things are greening up now. Here is the spot of winter wheat we struggled to get past the birds so the seeds could start. Now I have a lawn to mow. Yeah, I know, it's only a four foot square but it's the closest thing we have. Unfortunately we don't own a lawn mower. We may not have grass to mow but there is a world of weeds coming up fast that need to get cut down.

Speaking of that, here's the mower I found at the landfill when I took our garbage in. It's missing the spark plug and the carburetor is full of mud but I'll try to get it running. Other than that I'll have to cut the "lawn" by hand swinging the sharp edged tool I call a weed whacker.

The lawn

The pecan tree is just starting to come out. They seem to start late.

These are the garden beds I made yesterday. I know it doesn't look like much at all but it's the best I can do by hand. If I had a motorized tiller the whole place would be ready and planted. My tools are a pitch fork that I use to turn the soil, and a hoe. This whole area is planted in melons of every type.

Here I am on my portable throne. It's the toilet thing they had for my grandmother to use in her last days. For me it is great to sit on while I plant seeds and stuff. Sits fairly low and reduces the bending over that causes so much pain for me. I suppose that if we lived in a more remote spot I could use it as a toilet as I work. Yeah, I know, that's a unpleasant picture. It is handy though as I can keep tools and seeds in the pot portion.

I didn’t clear up till around 7:00. With a clear head and new energy I worked on stuff until nearly midnight. Lost most of a day. Hate when that happens.

Ah, there's a picture of the love of my life. The woman not the cat OK. Ain't she cute?


Amy E said...

Bob, try planting your lettuce between your garage and house against one of the walls, it is probably cooler and shadier there, and you might get at least a little eating out of it before it gets too hot.

Bob said...

OOOOH!! That's the kind of advice a beginner like me really needs. Thanks lots Amy.