Monday, March 12, 2007


3/12/07 Monday
Yesterday was a long day. Fortunately I took a lot of pictures which will help me remember what we did.

Of course we went to church. It was nice to have people ask how the trip went and express their thoughts for us. Neither of us is used to this, we are more familiar with a level of isolation which we still seem to have with the exception of a few at church. I suppose if we asked folks to come out and visit that would help but the place is not really ready for visitors. It will be but for right now it’s not there yet.

Cherie is frustrated this morning as she often is when she is dealing with finances. She is upset with our new bank that we joined because they offer online banking and she can’t get it to work. She will go to the bank this morning to get it figured out. We have thirty three bucks available at the moment though there is a couple hundred at the new bank. If we have to we will dip into the three hundred dollar overdraft protection we have at one bank. That will cost us a thirty dollar fee to access. Kind of a high interest loan.

So let me look at the pictures to see what I did yesterday. I’m glad I took a few as these are great in helping me remember. I think that it would be interesting of I took my digital recorder with me and narrate the day. There’s lots of thoughts I have that are lost, vanished from this brain minutes later. That was my motivation in getting this wonderful device that can digitally record hours of conversation, to help me remember and even finish a train of thought.

I finished burying the power line to the garage. Had to practice a little Yankee engineering to get it done. The orange pipe I picked up at the landfill last week. There was another piece of plastic tubing that had been buried across the driveway for the evaporative air conditioner that used to be here and that just fit inside the orange pipe. Then I had some PVC pipe left over from putting the sink in. By cobbling all three of these together I was able to get this done. It’ll work and it’s good to have the ditch I dug a week or two ago for this filled in. Gives us a clearer path to the back.

What else? Hang on while I go look at the pictures I took yesterday. OK, here it is. I am going to build the raised flower beds with the railroad ties we picked up from the landfill so it will be a good idea to finish the stone walk I had started probably a month before. Like so many things it was never finished.

“Wait!!! What was that?” I just caught the movement out of my left eye so looked closer. There it was, a little tale tail sticking up over the dirt clod.

Here he is. Pretty good size sucker, at least to me. Who knows how big they get down here.

Back to the pictures. It was a rainy day so I wanted to take advantage of this rare bit of moisture. I finished raking out a spot and sowed some more of the winter wheat. Gathering two of the scavenged plastic sheets I used too protect the furniture on the trip here I went and carefully covered the area. I used a load of bricks to make sure the plastic sheeting won’t blow off. All of this will keep the birds from eating the seeds.

Here is the walkway now. Finally finished, more or less. I spread some dirt over the top of it with the intent of using the hose to spray it down, thus filling the gaps between the stones. Then I need to level the area in front where I had taken the stones from.

Now I can get the railroad ties in place. Heavy suckers. I backed the trailer as close as I could get it to where the ties were going. Here is the first draft on it. I’m not done with it yet. These railroad ties are hell on a chainsaw. I sharpened it twice and it dulled up pretty fast again. The wood is so tough I saw an occasional spark flying out of the cut.

This is a shot of the sky when the thunderstorms finally rolled on by. It’s been a wet day with me catching dryer moments to work out in it.

Now I can play in the dirt!!! Yea! It’s time to mix up the starting soil to get the seeds planted. We have two flats of seventy two starter plug holes each. We bought a bag of soil prepared to start seeds and another bag of potting soil. I filled one of the flats with nothing but the seed starter mix. The other one I mixed the remaining starter soil with potting soil and then threw in a few shovel full’s of the sandy dirt we have out here. I figure it would be good for the seeds to get a taste of the soil they would be planted in.

Cherie just got done talking with Cathy. Half of what I planted in the planters will have to get pulled out cause it doesn’t transplant well.

I’m tired. Get to doing things through the day so don’t write much, then when the days over I’m tired and don’t feel like it. Oh well.

Night all.

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