Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gonna be a warm day

3/14/07 Wednesday
It’s going to get into the low 80’s today. Another wonderful day to get out and work. I just spent two hours getting Monday’s entry fixed up so the script is next to the picture it is referring to. It is not unusual for me to spend this much time on the blog. It is often more. I’m not dumb, just don’t move very fast. That pretty much is true about everything I do. Things would go better if I didn’t keep getting distracted and start working on something else, forgetting what I had been working on before. At the end of the day there are often many projects that have been started but never finished. Staying focused is a key to me completing a task. The problem is there is so much to do that I can’t walk five feet without seeing something that needs attention.

I never got the corn planted yesterday so plan on doing that today. I started staking out where the corn field will go. I’m fixing to download the pictures I took yesterday that are in the camera. That will help me fill in what went on.

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