Saturday, March 24, 2007

The storms rolled by

3/25/07 Saturday
Six days and counting. That’s how long till my disability check gets here. Things are tight but it is good to learn how to be frugal. We only have one and a half rolls of toilet paper so there’s an area to be frugal with. Just a few less squares a day keeps the newspaper away.

Well the storms rolled through this part of Texas and all around us but other than wind and a few spattering’s of rain drops we saw none of it. The wind blew sand through every little crack and crevice it could find so Cherie has lots of sweeping to do. I will continue loading the trailer and clearing out the garage so I can start working on building Cherie’s sewing table and stuff.

Pretty sore this morning. The muscle stiffness I don’t mind but it’s the pains deeper in my bones that bother me the most. Lately my hands have been a new source of pain. They haven’t seen work like this since 2001 and now it is in the joints, knuckles, and wrists. Allot of that comes from hanging onto the shovel and hoe as I coerced them to do my will. I don’t know much about arthritis and wonder if these pains are a harbinger of things to come.

Cherie fixed me a bowl of oatmeal and coffee so I’m gonna take a break and consume that along with taking my medicine. That includes my seizure pill, pain pill, aspirin, and blood pressure medicine. Sometimes Cherie throws in a few vitamins.

We haven’t seen Skittles for a few days but now have irrefutable proof he is still around. That came in the form of a headless rabbit and rat laid out in the back corner of the garage. This is where I found a equally headless rat yesterday. I suppose he will show his face sometime soon but he won’t be happy when he discovers his delicacies have disappeared. I won’t go to the landfill till Monday or later so I think I will throw the carcasses in the burn barrel, which I’m going to ignite today, that way we won’t have to endure the smell of rotting flesh.

Lots to do today as there is every day. Best get moving. Looks like we did get some rain last night, that is always good news out here.

I don’t seem to be doing well today. Can’t concentrate or stay on track. My thoughts go from one subject to another as I contemplate what to do and what is going on. On top of that my energy level isn’t. There is a slight headache but nothing of consequence. At least not for the moment. Running at a six on the bob scale, which is just a little below average. Yesterday I had the first partial seizure I’ve had in a while so I hope that isn’t the sign of another wave of slow downs.

Gotta keep moving. Need to find a way to set up the long plank as a table in the garage. Part of that will require me cleaning off this bookcase so it can be moved into the house where Cherie already has plans for it’s use. Lots of knick knacks that need to find a home. There is a growing list of things we need to give or throw away. Wish I wasn’t so tired. Just want to go back to bed.

It has been a rough day for both of us. Gee, we just decided to conserve on toilet paper so what happens? Cherie gets the runs. Her stomach is not feeling well at all and I could hear it growling across the kitchen. I went through something similar two days ago so it may be something we both ate.

I had a bad slow down. Just reading the previous entry foretells of what’s coming. This one knocked me down to a four on the bob scale, almost stuttering level. It affected the part of my brain that controls the right leg so walking became a shuffle. Pretty much looks like an eighty year old with a walker only I don’t have a walker. Just can’t rely on the right leg and not sure were it will go. Didn’t get much done at all. Maybe in the morning I can write more of today but I’m done for now.

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