Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beautiful day

3/7/07 Wednesday
Good morning. It’s 11:15. Yeah that’s barely morning, I know. Today I go to get an MRI at Scenic Mountain Hospital. I think that’s the name of the place but I’m not sure. I know where it is so it doesn’t matter. This is part of the tests I am getting from the VA hospital. Tomorrow I get an EEG. I think I had one before. I’ll know when they start the test.

The reason I stopped long enough to write this is I hurt my back pulling the washer Nate gave us up the steps with the two wheel dolly. The first step now, that one hurt fair enough but the second one was the kicker. I almost got the wheels to the top of the step when I ran out of strength and it rolled back down. Then I gave it a big heave which accomplished it’s task but that’s when it really hurt. Now I’m laying down. I took one of the pain pills so that should help.

So what else this morning? I went to the garage to see what kind of wood I had to make a base for Cherie’s sewing table. Not enough of anything back here so how will I do this? How about cutting some of that marvelous mulberry wood to make the legs with…I got the chain saw and ladder out. Cutting down some decent size logs I trimmed one up with the chain saw and then experimented with cutting a slice down a length of the limb. That turns out to be quite a chore so I’ll have to figure a better way. Perhaps I can split it? I see if I’m up to that later. Right now I’ll stay laying down till we leave for the MRI. Gotta be more careful.

We have our first flowers of the year. Don’t know what kind of plant this weed is but would love to learn about what grows out here.What kind of edible and medicinal herbs and plants are around here and how are they prepared. Yeah that’s the stuff. That would be good to know and could well become valuable with the pick your own farm concept. Even if this is just a nuisance weed it would still be good to know about it.


sweetbeachcafe said...

Bob, Send me a sharper image of this plant and I will ID it for you later tonight. I already dismissed it being in three possible catagories. I have it wittled down to about 10 different possibilities.

Amy E said...

Bob and Cherie! Glad to see you made it back safely. I am so happy you had a good time with your family. -Amy

Anonymous said...


I have the same weed in my yard. I think it is a filaree.

For photo and info, go to this link:

Glad you're doing fine!


Bob said...

Wow! I need to post more pictures of weeds. Haven't generated this much activity in a while. Besides that it sounds like I can get that education on what is what right here on this blog. Time to get the camera out. For us this will be an exciting time as it is our first spring here so it'll be a whole new world when it comes to life.