Saturday, March 17, 2007

"farm life"?

3/16/07 Saturday
It’s going to the low 80’s today. This morning I am stiff and sore. Part of that soreness I sort of enjoy for it is the feeling I used to get when I worked out. It tells me that those muscles will be stronger for it. Farm life is just what the doctor ordered. In a way. I’m supposed to rest and reduce stress, eat right, and get some exercise. That is pretty much what I have here.

I use the term “farm life” a little loosely. All I have is a large garden to start with. That is in no way a farm. However this first year is really a time of education regarding planting, growing, harvesting, and processing crops. Part of running a farm is keeping good records so with that in mind we are going to do so as well. I am laying everything out and mapping it so I will know what plant is at what spot. On the corn I planted there is a stake with the date of planting right in front of each group of corn. I have about thirty more stakes I made and painted to be used as we proceed. We will develop some kind of system to schedule and record events such as fertilization and harvest time. It’s a start.

Today will be like many of the days to come. I’ll work in and on the garden. I should be able to go longer between rests as the days progress and that will help speed up the slow pace I push to achieve now. I will focus on the two raised beds in the front so Cherie can plant the flowers she bought for there. Then I’ll probably dice up the soil on the beds lining the walkway. I think the plastic over the winter wheat out front needs to come off now so I’ll check that out. It is nice to start fixing up the outside of this place, to make it look a little better than a hillbilly cabin. There is still some trash out there that needs to disappear.

There are two railroad ties left on the trailer. I need to find a home for them so I can start using that trailer for storage, thus clearing out much of the house and my garage too. With the garage clear I will be able to work on her sewing table and the many other wood working projects that need to get done.

I think I will give up in the idea of getting telephone poles. The nine railroad ties have been murder on this back. I can’t handle the telephone poles by myself, even if I cut them into smaller pieces. I suppose I can cut them into three or four foot lengths but that is still allot of wood to move when added up. Not up to that and Cherie can’t deal with it either as she is not at all in good physical shape when it comes to this.

Time to get moving.

10:03 – Great, got a migraine working it’s way up. Took a pain pill about a half hour ago so hopefully it will help. Also need to take an aspirin for my heart, as I try to do daily. Nothing wrong with my heart, I just like the idea of my blood flowing better because of the thinning effects of the aspirin. Perhaps that is how it helps a headache.


Janie said...

Bob, how is Cherie's mom today? Our thoughts and prayers are with y'all.

Bob said...

Hi Janie. Thanks for reminding me to update that. Mom is doing better but it is still a fight. Now she has a staff infection in the lining of her lungs. When she first went into the hospital she was diagnosed with pneumonia and then they discovered the heart problem. They had gone in to repair two valves but that created such a strain on the other two valves they also failed so they had to rush her back in and fix those two as well.