Friday, March 23, 2007

Gonna storm?

3/23/07 Friday
It is a bit chilly this morning and the temps probably won’t get much above seventy. There are serious thunderstorms with the possibility of tornado's and large hail predicted to come across this landscape latter in the afternoon. Next week will be our tightest ever. The check doesn’t get here till next Friday. That is because the first falls on Sunday so they issue the direct deposit earlier. Yesterday Cherie bought milk and cereal in Stanton. She went there instead of Midland to not use so much of the gasoline that has become a precious commodity. In retrospect the prices of groceries are so much higher in Stanton compared to what we can get food for in Midland that it is worth the extra gas. Cherie will put five bucks worth in her car today for she is running on empty. That works out to about two gallons of gas. She will run into Midland this morning, before the storms get here, to buy some essentials. All of this is particularly hard on Cherie. Very little to help create a sense of security about your life. Depression is something we both have to fight but Cherie has a harder time with that than I. Her mom's open heart surgery and complications just adds to that.

Went for my walkabout this morning as I often do. I check for problems and looked at the corn patch to see if any more of it has come up. Just one. A big motivation for me going out was to see if Skittles made it back. He has had some problems for a week now. First he disappeared for two days and when he showed back up you could tell that either he got into something or something got into him. The whole underside of his chin was matted up with some kind of yellow stuff that could well be from the infections where the skin was broken. Skittles worked for days and pretty much pulled the hair out of his chin as he scratched and licked it. He seemed to have a fever and was drooling and you could tell he was pretty weak. This scared us so we called the vet. Because we had vaccinated him she wasn’t concerned it was rabies, which was our fear. Now that he is starting to get better the little booger has been gone for two days again. Hope he’s OK but that is the way it is with a feral cat. He may or may not come back. There is no question that life is dangerous out there, at least for a cat.

Today I will get as much done as I can before bad weather hits. Took some pictures of what I think is a mulberry tree out front. It is moving quickly while the tree next to it seems to be struggling. Be back later today with more updates.

It’s 9:00 now. There are thunderstorms and some reports of tornados on the TV. I’m pretty worn out now. Had one of the first slow downs I’ve had in a while. It wasn’t a bad one, only took me down to a five or so on the bob scale.

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