Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clear morning

7/17/07 Tuesday
It’s a clear sky and I hope for a clear day as far as this brain goes. Keeping an eye on the puppies for any sign of sickness from the rat. One of them barfed in the puppy room but we don’t know which one. They both seem to be fine and as usual are so full of pep and vinegar it makes me tired to watch.

We will go into Midland to do laundry at Steve and Janie’s today. Don’t know what time yet as I am leaving that up to Cherie. If I have time I want to run over to Kevin’s and gather a few trash cans of goat crap. He’s selling his house so I hope it’s ok. That’s it for this morning. I’m running a little below average, a six on the bob scale. Of course that always changes as the pendulum of cognizance swings back and forth.

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