Monday, July 30, 2007

Dead rabbits gone.

7/30/07 Monday
It’s another painful morning. Need to be careful with the back today. Yesterday I called Steve to talk about cabinet doors and brush hogging the weeds out here. Asked if there was anything I could help him with and he called a few minutes later to let me know he could use some help moving stuff in the bedroom we cleaned and also clearing up his office. I was glad he asked cause it feels good to be able and contribute. Cherie and I went up there after stopping at Lowe’s and Home Depot. She visited with Janie while Steve and I worked on stuff. Poor Janie is exhausted from working on a big project and the umpteen other things she puts on her plate. I could see the strain.

After that we went to Outback for dinner. Evidently a delivery truck didn’t show so they were out of most of their steaks. I got the last ribeye they had. It was raw when they brought it so I sent it back. The manager brought it back and then talked with Steve and Janie for quite a while. Janie has this ability to develop a rapport with pretty much anyone in seconds. It is cool to watch. I don’t know if I was ever able to do that. I must have cause I was highly successful in all the sales jobs I had. Now I am uncomfortable in any new interactions with others and it takes a while before I can loosen up. Even then I always worry I’ll say something or rub someone wrong. That’s because it seems I often do.

I never did go scrape up that rabbit. I heard someone yell as they drove by so went out to see where the puppies were. They had brought the remains into the yard. The little suckers were crashed out when I came in a few minutes ago. It only takes seconds for them to get moving. I just put them in the crate. They are not at all happy but I can’t watch them twenty four hours. Eventually we will have a fenced in area to keep them safe. Till then it’s going to be difficult. Right now I’m angry and resisting the urge to beat them for again going out on the road. That won’t do any good. They are big time not happy with being locked in the crate, whining and trying to get out.

I made some ice tea. Must take another pain pill. Cherie is working right now and plans on visiting with Janie around lunch time. There was a home invasion just a street over one or three days ago where they tied up an eighty year old lady and stole her car. I think this has Janie worried for workers are coming to pick up a couch today and she is happy to not be alone in the house when they come.

I have to change my socks for I rushed out without shoes on when I saw the puppies with the dead rabbit. I picked our first beans from the garden. They are the black eyed peas. Most of them were too young so were real hard to shell. I know now when they are ready. All part of the education. The problem is I will probably have to make that mistake a couple more times before it stays in the memory. Regardless I look forward to eating them. Not sure how to cook them as they aren’t the dried beans we are used to. Something else to learn.

I’m going to run into town to see if I can locate some kind of oak to finish the cabinets with. I forgot to let Steve know they did have the kickboards we need for the cabinets at Lowe’s, just not the end panels. He’s been having lots of problems with the oil wells and stuff he’s responsible for in Pecos so is pretty tied up and out of town a lot.

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