Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lots to do

7/26/07 Thursday
Woke up sluggish and with a headache. Cherie will be heading out to the cotton fields soon for her job. She isn’t real keen about it because of the large number of spiders and bugs in the cotton. Spiders have always been a fear for her. I have to go shopping to get things to finish the kitchen job. That will entail several stores so I hope I handle it ok. If not I’ll have to come home or maybe just find a peaceful place to relax and regather. I’ve made a list as I must. Need to get moving as there is much to do.

It’s 7:00 now. Been a long day. Cherie had a rough one. She’s been on the down side of an emotional swing so has a hard time being positive about anything. She told me that the chicken she cooked would be horrible. It was great. She didn’t get out to the field till around one and it was getting pretty warm by then. It was pretty hard on her physically and she probably won’t do this next year. This may spur her to get in better shape. I am strongly encouraging her to walk with me every morning down our property line. We will do it with the puppies so it should be a fun time as the puppies always bring a smile. Well most of the time. They can try the patience.

I headed into Midland. Stopped at Ronnie’s to get some literature on the tractor he had showed me. I am not sure where I got sixteen thousand as the price for it for he told me $9800.00. That’s a big difference. I do get confused easy so who knows where it came from. He’s selling a lot of them. Ronnie gave me a business card of a guy who bought one of his tractors and does brush hogging as a profession. I will get that to Steve and Wally as they wish to help get this done.

Stopping by Steve and Janie’s to pick up some pipe they were throwing away and I could use, I talked with Jay, their neighbor. He’s the one who brought the old fencing he was taking down out to us. He goes to First Baptist of Midland also and wants me to get him in touch with Jen and Wally so they can coordinate on helping us out. Jay knows a guy who runs a ministry rebuilding homes for senior citizens and he has a window we can have to replace one of the rotted out ones. There are also some building materials we can have. Things just keep rolling around us and I almost feel like a spectator watching them come together.

I went in search of the greenhouses Janie told me about. They were being torn down and she suggested I approach the owner to see if I can salvage material to use for the ones we wish to build. That turned into an adventure. I stopped at Texas Landscape and didn’t see any so I left a message with Janie asking where she saw them. Steve returned the call and I learned it was on Todd road so ran there. Come to find out the place is no longer owned by Texas Landscape so I left my name and number for the owner. The greenhouses were damaged by wind and being repaired.

I grabbed lunch at Jason’s and headed to Odessa where there is a Harbor Freight Tools. This is the only place I know to get the seven inch sanding disks my sander uses. It’s also a great source for all kinds of tools dirt cheap. Picked up a drip feed irrigation starter kit as well.

Then I headed back into Midland and stopped at Sam’s to look at their bottled water stands. $150.00 is way out of reach so forget that idea. Our twenty dollar ceramic holder works fine. I just need to make or find a stand for it now that we have new counters and a stove top. No room for it now.

Went to Home Depot where I spent more than I thought. Found some Romex wire that had been taken out of a box so got a manager to discount it for me. Fifteen bucks for what was priced thirty six. I’ll use it to wire the garage with, maybe.

Then I stopped at Walfart to get a clipboard for Cherie and headed home. It was a long trip but I sta

Cherie just called out letting me know the puppies were across the highway so I had to hurry out there and didn’t finish the sentence. They were just coming back when I got out the door. I grabbed a small flat piece of wood we used to mark what plants were where and smacked them both on the butt as they ran past, knowing they were in trouble. They are growing up so fast and exploring farther that it is getting hard. I saw some pet border things while at Home Depot so will go back and look at them closer. They appeared to be some kind of radio activated devices. There was also a solar powered electric fence thing at Harbor Freight I should look at to perhaps keep them out of the garden. Frankly I’d rather have them dig up the whole garden than get run over. One of the things the church people may help with is building a fence so that would solve a lot of problems.

So back to what I was saying. I stayed sharp despite all the stores and things going on. It’s been a good day in that regard. I have lots to do and the sun is going down so must break off and make use of the daylight I have. When I get lights in the garage I’ll be able to work out there after dark. I’ve got one light bulb going but it limits what I can do. Gotta go.


Amy E said...

Hey Bob! Keep your eyes open at Home Depot or Harbor Freight for those solar landscape lights. I see them marked down all the time. You can use them inside the house and the garge also, and being solar, won't use any electricity, but provide good light. Just a thought....glad you had a good day....

Bob said...

I'll check that out. How much light do they put out, enough to read or work on stuff?