Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gotta be a big boy now

7/12/07 Thursday
Well, my baby’s gone. She’s heading to Lubbock for her cotton counting school and will be gone for two days. That means I’ll have to be a big boy and take care of myself. Not a problem. When she went to Toledo for two or three weeks I did fine other than forgetting to eat. That and keeping track of my medicine. When you take a pill and can’t remember if you did fifteen minutes later so take another one thinking it’s the first it can be a problem. With Cherie I was always careful to let her know when I took one and to check before I took another. This is with the pain pills and because I always hurt there is a potential danger. I will make notes on the dry erase board we just set up, every time I take one with the time written down. That will be smart.

Yesterday was a high pain day with it being so bad I stayed in bed for much of the day. Laying down and several doses of the pain pills helped me get up and moving later. Cherie had gone somewhere but I don’t remember where. Perhaps it’s in yesterday’s entry. Just went and looked. I see we went to the vet and she went to the chiropractor. It looks like I expelled some of the bitterness created from our experience at first church of Stanton. Not good but totally honest. I would love to write some good things about them but I have to see some good things to write about. I just know what I see and experience and report it the way I see it. I met Steve at the grocery store yesterday. He’s the teacher of the first Sunday school class we attended and was a bright spot in that church.

We talked about how I felt and I told him things were like night and day regarding the difference between the Stanton and Midland churches. Steve said something about it being a bigger church and having more ministries so I told him “No, it’s the people Steve, not the ministries”. I tried to help him get it. It is not at all the things a church does for you as in buying or giving things, it is simply the friendship, simply talking and caring, communion with fellow human beings. Like it says in 1 Corinthians 13, you can give all your possessions to the poor but if you have not love your just a banging gong or clanging cymbal and it amounts to nothing. It wasn’t things we looked for. You can read in the earlier posts made while we were still in Toledo how we looked forward to becoming a part of the community and getting involved. Despite us not looking for “Things” we were told that a group of folks would come out from the church and helping fix things and even put in a hot water heater, but nothing happened, no one came. So, what am I supposed to think?

I need to get off this subject. Steve said he has been told how I feel and some of what I wrote in this blog. So, knowing this does anyone from the church come out? Or do the harden their hearts? I told Steve to say hi to everyone and tell them that I still have an open invitation for any to come and visit. I am sure that would not be easy knowing how I feel but I really want to write something good, I really want to have something good to write about, I want to give them a chance to do better, I want them to open their eyes and hearts so they will honor their Lord, unstiffen their necks, and show the world what the love of Christ is. Not for me at all but for them and whomever else comes into that community.

Yesterday I finally got to work and finished the driveway border with the monkey grass Janie let me dig up from her yard. Here it is. Took a while as all things with me seem to but Cherie loved it. I had to hoe down the weeds in the driveway so you could even see it. With all this rain the weeds are sprouting up at a maddening rate, so many so fast I can’t come close to keeping up. It will be a big relief to get the whole yard tilled under and grass planted because that will stop most of the weeds and I will be able to keep up with the rest.

Today I am not doing bad at all, the pain is way down to an easily manageable level and the brain is doing fine. I’ve been working on the two laptop computers Steve let me have. He was going to trash them but I said I could clean any proprietary information out of them and give them to someone who would be blessed by the gift. One of them doesn’t seem fixable. I checked the memory chip to see if it would fit in this laptop but it won’t. Wrong kind or something. I’ll use some of the keys on it to replace the keys missing on the other one. Then the good one is going to Chuck and Lillian.

Time to get back to work and take advantage of this period of low pain and cognizance before it vanishes away as it always does.


Tricia said...

The landscaping looks gorgeous! Nice job! Congratulations!

Amy E said...

Your border looks great Bob! Good job! Hey! what color paint are you looking to paint the house? White? or? I want to keep my eyes open...We just purchased a big 5 gallon bucket full of paint in a toothpaste/"mint" green color for $5! It was orginally $100.00, but was the wrong color and the customer wouldn't take it. We got it at Home Depot, so you might want to look there, and I will look here...

Eric said...

I agree...the landscaping is shaping up very nicely.

Good luck staying ahead of the weeds, though. But if that's the price you have to pay for all the good rain, it's probably not a bad deal. (Unfortunately, we're not getting any of that rain here in least not in our neighborhood!)

Amy E said...

Just checking on you Bob, hope you are okay. If you don't post tomorrow, I'm calling you.

Janie said...

Love the border!!! It looks awesome!!!

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