Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It just boggles my mind

7/25/07 Wednesday
I put Monday’s post on Tuesday. Now I can’t remember what happened yesterday but if I can get Cherie to hum a few bars it might come back. So I suppose I best write about today.

I was out in the back garden when I saw a white pickup pulling in so went to see who it was. It was a Mexican man who, when he saw me coming around the corner, said “I guess today’s the day”. I didn’t recognize him and was clueless as I so often am so played along hoping to get an idea of what he was talking about. It was Saul, who had come by with Steve and Janie (I think he did but am not sure) and is who Steve got to put the cabinets in.

Now Cherie had already left to meet her boss Joe and survey her first fields of cotton so it was just me and Saul. I showed him the cabinets and tops. Now that I think about it he may not have been here before. Saul asked if I could give him a hand, which I was more than happy to. You know, Saul was here before cause I remember him saying he had seen me finishing the drawers and doors of the cabinets. I may get confused but give me time and I can often figure it out. Writing helps me do this.

So we got to work. First job is to get the old counter top, sink, and cabinets out. Taking things apart is always easier than putting them together so that didn’t take long. Then it was time to start installing the cabinets. Cherie wasn’t there so I didn’t have her input on which cabinet (as in the ones with drawers or a big door) she wanted where.

I know this is a convoluted way to write but as I wrote the previous paragraph I remembered part of what I did yesterday so will fill that in. First of all I sorted the change out of the change jar Steve and Janie gave us. It’s a big jar so I figured it might even have a hundred bucks in it. After calling the bank and learning they have a machine that sorts and counts coins I went down there. I already had everything divided up by denomination but this way I didn’t have to count it or roll it up like we planned. I greatly underestimated how much was in the jar. Not by a little bit but by a whole lot. Cherie cried when I told her. We are constantly blown away by the way others are blessing us. It boggles my mind. Why me? I am not at all deserving of any of this. I wrote about that in an earlier post and if I remember I’ll do the link thing to that.

Now here’s the kicker. Cherie had checked out bank account Monday and said we only had $36.00 left so we had to stretch till the end of the month. When she got the mail I joked “Is there a check?”. Puzzled she said “No” so I explained my thought process on that statement. It seems that every time things get tight something appears out of the blue to meet our needs. Not wants or any excess, just our needs. I’m beginning to wonder about this “Hand of God” concept I carved while recovering from the accident in St. Louis. It’s starting to have an affect on how I think as if I am accepting this concept. You know, if God’s hand is on us there are no accidents. Every time we meet someone or experience something there would be a purpose for it. Not just for us but for the others. Some would be to test, try, or open eyes. Some to give honor and glory to God by their heart and actions. I really don’t know but wonder about it.

So we got a jar of change. An extraordinary jar of change.

After the bank I headed to Walmart where I had the list Cherie made of things to get. I found the cheap cereal so went to look for the next thing on the list. I looked and looked, wandering from department to department wondering where they would keep the paper rolls for coins. Then it dawned on me. I just went to the bank, had the coins counted, and deposited them into our account. I DON’T NEED TO ROLL THE COINS!!!!. Dummy. Glad I figured that out.

With that done I went to Restore (Habitat for Humanity’s store) to look at their vent hoods. They have a bunch of them but they are all avocado green like from the sixties. Plus they didn’t have filters on them or a decent light cover so what we have is already better. I looked at the 400 watt HPS light fixture that is marked $95 bucks and has been there as long as I can remember and saw it doesn’t have a ballast. I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while as it is perfect for a grow lamp to start seeds with. I told Jesse about the ballast and he let me have it for twenty bucks. The light bulb is worth forty. I called a number on the bulb and ordered the ballast kit for $48.00. This year I tried to start maybe a hundred and fifty plants with only a dozen or so making it. This will give me a big start on next year, at least that’s the theory. We’ll see.

OK, back to today. Saul (I’m not sure if I spell that right) didn’t waste any time. I helped on occasion but he hooked things up efficiently. Great guy. I talked him into lunch and took him to Carrols here in Stanton. We got our order and took it back to the house to eat. Saul told me about his family and we talked about life, kids, people he knows, and God. A great time.

We got back to work and it wasn’t too long before Cherie came home. She was worn out from going into the cotton fields but perked right up when she saw the counters and cabinets in place in addition to the stove top. “I’m gonna have a kitchen. I can cook!” she said beaming from ear to ear. That works for me real good. Love to see her smile.

Now I have to bust my butt and get the rest of the cabinets finished as well as stain and finish the cabinet Steve built to hold the oven. I’ll be busy tomorrow that’s for sure. When we put the stove top in place Saul asked if I was going to hook up the wires. I looked at what the electrician ran and what was coming from the stove top and wasn’t comfortable at all. I don’t know much about electricity but the difference in the size of the wires was dramatic. I think I’ll check with Steve first just to be safe. I didn’t notice it till this morning but they punched a hole through the ceiling when they ran the wires for the hot water heater.

Jen and Wally from the Sunday school class came over to visit this afternoon and brought us some dinner from McAlisters Deli. It was a nice time of fellowship. I walked around the property with Wally when he asked so he could see what it will take to get it mowed. He also wanted to see what else needed to be done. They’ve been pretty swamped with things like a friend’s death and other problems. He was sick with something that has tuckered him out and is just now getting over it. Despite that they came out. Shows a lot of character. He will look for someone with a brush hog. I let him know that Steve said he would cover the expense. Just talked to Janie several minutes ago and she said that several from the Windwalker shooting range were chipping in to help us out.

That’s it for tonight folks. Am tired and it’s late, at least by my standards. Night all.

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