Sunday, July 01, 2007

Why me?

This is a new kind of caterpillar that was eating up the sunflowers. Has nothing to do with the title of the post. Just thought I'd throw it up here to show what we fight out here

7/1/07 Sunday
I never did get the grass seed. Going into Midland I searched out the nursery I had heard Steve and Jeanie, the lady next door who’s husband is Jay, talking about. They had discussed how good the prices were so I expected some great deals. The problem is I really don’t know what a great deal would be because I have never bought trees before. What I do know is that they didn’t have much in the way of apple trees and the price was much higher than at Ace Hardware.

So I decided to stop in at Ace on the way to Home Depot for seed. Walking in the nursery I see a sign that said everything was seventy five percent off. It had been fifty percent just a few days ago. Going to the back where the trees are I found a bunch of apple trees left. I called Cherie to see what kinds she wanted and ended up buying nine trees for only forty dollars.

There was a reason everything was seventy five percent off. The plants and trees were all in bad shape and haven’t been taken care of. I think they are closing the whole nursery department down as there is no new stock that I could see. The liquidator in me smells an opportunity but I don’t really have the ability to take advantage of it.

Regardless these trees are in bad shape so I needed to get them in the ground as soon as possible. I packed them in the back of the truck as best I could with the cap that’s on it. I stopped by Janie’s and dug up some of her vinca vines and monkey grass and decided to head home instead of getting the grass seed.

Then I worked on getting these trees planted. Fortunately Steve had given me the post hole digger he had bought to do a job with and hadn’t used since. The ground out here is rock hard clay and sand mix about a foot down so it was a tedious process to pound through. Took a toll on the carpal tunnel thing on my right wrist. So I worked till one in the morning getting these trees in. Mixed up several wheelbarrow loads of dirt with goat and cow manure along with some bone meal as suggested in the instructions we looked up online. With all that done I had to find something to makes stakes out of to keep the wind from pushing these trees over and destroying six hours of work. Found a little of this and that so there is a rather eclectic collection of wood that has been converted to stakes.
Here's the start of our orchard. It's hard to see but there are nine apple trees planted here.

This is so strange anymore. It seems that whatever we dream of having or need becomes available in one way or another. We have talked about an orchard and Cherie in particular loves apples so we run into this deal. Got a hundred and sixty dollars worth of trees for forty bucks. I might go see the manager tomorrow to see what kind of a deal I can get on the rest. Who knows.

We went to church this morning. It’s nice to look forward to going instead of having trepidation because you aren’t sure how welcome you are or what people think about you. Eric tells us that our picture is on the front page of the newspaper. Ok, so after church we go get the paper to see. Sure enough we’re there, prominently displayed right on top of the page actually covering part of the banner that reads “Midland Reporter-Telegram”. The heading next to our picture says “Overcoming Injury-Man’s blog is unlike many others. He writes so he can remember. Coming Monday. So this is a promo for the story Jimmy wrote that will run Monday.

So I wonder… Why me? There is so much I don’t understand and on the top of that list is why I am so blessed? Why did I not stay dead at the wreck? What is going on here that a little schmuck like me gets put in the paper not once but twice. It wasn’t long ago (5/26) that I said we have reached a pivotal point in our lives, when it felt that things were taking a big turn in our lives. After nine months of trying to fit in, be accepted, or at least make friends in Stanton we suddenly find ourselves welcomed and befriended by several groups of people in Midland. And we’re gonna be in the paper. Things are turning around so quickly it has my head spinning.

The West Texas hospitality that I had heard about and was about to dismiss as a fable after nine months in Stanton is suddenly a reality. The Sunday school group is planning on coming out and helping with some of the things I haven’t been able to do or keep up with. Steve and Janie along with their friends have blessed us in so many ways, with just being friends we can talk with at the top. They are getting us a hot water heater and just brought an electrician over to see about running the wires to hook that up along with the stove we picked up from Habitat for Humanity. There are some from Sunday school who want to get together and buy a new mattress that will be so valuable in helping Cherie’s back heal. Even the puppies we were given are a big source of joy and thus blessing.

Why me? Cherie I can see getting such favor from God, but not me. I seek God, I look for Him but at the same time I question. I have done much in my life that is not good. I know so many that deserve much more than I have yet have nothing. I watch to learn why and what it is that I am to do, or at least can do. I don’t know, it just boggles my mind and leaves me a bit confused. People keep telling me that I'm here for a reason. I won’t argue and am grateful for these blessings that are being rained down on us but feel very much undeserving.

It’s late and I am worn from planting trees till one in the morning and then working all afternoon. Night all.


Amy E said...

Good job on the trees Bob! I am jealous! I will have to head to our Home Depot here and see if anything is on sale.

I need another apple to go with the one I have, and I would love a plum and cherry tree.

Wow! front page news....quite a feat!

Oh! I have some four o'clock seeds if ya'll would like some. They are drought resistant and low maintenance. They look great in front of my house and are beautiful. They would look great around the front of your house too.

Don't forget to rest some.....

Tricia said...

I am so glad Jimmy did that interview and published it today. And I am so glad to be a small part of your blogosphere.

You deserve every bit of God's good favor, because you see yourself as undeserving. We are all undeserving. And it's only through keeping our eyes, ears and hearts wide open to learn the lessons God puts in front of us that we are able to humbly accept all the blessings He has in store for us.

You are a blessing to me. I'm so glad to know you, if just through this wonderful little contraption sitting here on my lap. I hope that I might have the opportunity to meet you face-to-face someday, perhaps on my next trip HOME. And it's OK if you might not remember me the next day...I'll always remember you.

Bob said...

Amy, I read that Apple trees are best planted in spring or fall. Anything that is drought resistant and low maintenance is good for me so we would be happy for the seeds. If you need the address again here it is.
Bob & Cherie Westbrook
PO Box 1176
Stanton, Texas 79782

Tricia, Thanks for the kind words. Haven't gotten to putting a link to your blog yet. You are welcome to visit anytime you're in the area. Bring the kids too.