Friday, July 27, 2007

A good start

7/27/07 Friday
It’s a great start this morning. We got up and took our walk as planned. Puppies loved it as well, enjoying being able to run on the open dirt road that Bud had disked a few days ago, providing a layer of soft turned earth. It’s nice and cool although the humidity is high, which will make itself known as the day warms. All in all this is a good way to start the day.

Last night we read Amy’s blog and it breaks our hearts to hear how her marriage is dissolving. She is working desperately to save it but reading that he once again took the weedeater to her herb garden, mowing much of it down, tells of where he is on it. At least I think so but not being there I can’t honestly make that assumption. Hopefully I am wrong. Both Cherie and I know the deep pain that comes with this tearing apart of the soul. What upsets me the most is my knowledge of how this will effect her two little, absolutely adorable, girls. I think they are around three and ten years old. Those of you who pray, please lift her up and support her with your prayers and thoughts. Amy, I know you read this. Just know we are here for you. Anything we can do just ask. Both of us love and care for you and the girls.

I hope to have a busy day. Yesterday was great with no slowdowns at all. There are times I have several days in a row that are good. Then I can accomplish much and there is much to do. First on the list is to get the old kitchen cabinets installed in the garage along with the old countertop. The shop is coming along well, slowly taking shape as things become available. Having the cabinets and counter will be a big plus, helping me organize on top of giving me more workspace.

Actually I will run to the landfill first as the garbage can is full. Who knows what I will find and bring home. There is always something. Looking for fencing material and if I’m lucky I’ll find some chain link (I think that’s what you call it) fence for a dog run. We’ve got five metal fence posts Jay gave us along with the brackets or holder things needed. I can just imagine a clean house with a yard, nice fence, flowers, trees…you know. Dreams come true when you work at them.

Then I need to focus on getting the cabinets finished so Cherie can get the kitchen in order. Will take a moment to get the printer Steve and Janie gave us (They were getting rid of it anyway) up and running.

Time’s a wastin so gotta get movin.
Made it to the landfill. Dropped squash and a melon off at the bank where a lady we know from the first church of Stanton works. Can’t remember her name even though Cherie told me several times today. She was happy to get the squash and melon. She asked if she would see us at church so I let her know we went to Midland now.

Heading to get fifteen gallons of water I saw that the Oasis was open so I called Cherie to let her know. She met me there and we enjoyed some of this great Mexican cooking. Then Cherie went on to work. This morning she went into town to set up a doctors appointment. I came home and worked on getting a printer operational. Downloaded the software for the HP we got from Steve and Janie. The ink cartridges are dried up or something as the test print didn’t show a spot. I’ll run into Midland and get some new ones later. So I took the Cannon printer that died in Cherie’s hands apart to see what I could do. A paper guide sprocket had broke so I took it out and put the whole thing back together hoping it would work anyway. It does. That meant that Cherie could get some things done. She’s off doing something now. Don’t remember what or where but she’s been gone three or so hours. Maybe she’ll call.

Don’t remember what else I’ve done. There are thunderstorms wandering all around us but we haven’t gotten any rain except a few drops that didn’t get anything wet. I came in two hours ago and have been fighting the fatigue thing that plagues me around two or so. Slipped off a couple of times for a few minutes but thunder or the dogs woke me up. It sucks getting this tired in the middle of the day. Not at all convenient. But an hour or two nap does refresh so I should go ahead but it grates to waste time sleeping in the middle of the day when there is stuff to do. I don’t care if the doctors said I should. I’ll keep moving if I can keep from dozing off.

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