Saturday, July 07, 2007

Snapped out of the depression

7/7/07 Saturday
The world is full of dingbats. Watching the news about all the hubbub over the date being 777. Couples are lining up to get married today, paying lots of extra money because they believe it’s a “lucky” day. Then they had some numerologist on who added and subtracted numbers to fit his purpose and explained all the magical significances of what he came up with. Then the joke got better. He took the names of a couple getting married and, assigning numbers to letters, made his prognostication as to their personalities and how well they matched up. Let’s see, an R is somehow a nine in reverse because of it’s shape and with other nuances coming out as thirteen or some other crap. Come on!!! Just how stupid are you? What would the number be in Chinese or Aramaic script? Oh that’s right, whatever someone wants it to be. What a load of crap. I think it was P.T. Barnum or some other circus guy who said there is a fool born every minute. It just boggles my mind. Goes right in the same garbage can as astrology and all the other superstitious junk people swear by. Oh and I guarantee you someone will be up in arms about me writing this. I may have brain damage but I’m not that stupid.

I was up till midnight working on cleaning and organizing the garage. Made some shelves with scrap pieces of plywood for the shelf frame Steve gave me. Still need to make two more but ran out of wood big enough. Still this helped clear up a lot of stuff. Regardless, between overdoing it during the day and last night as well my pain level is way up there. Took a pain pill and will take some with me when we go to help Steve clean up a bedroom or something. Janie called last night and… Ok, just checked and see I already talked about it on yesterday’s post. She will hook me up with a couple of farmers to see what they can do to help with the weeds. That would be nice. If I am lucky one of them may have some old small tractor sitting unused in some corner they will let me use. That way I can do things myself and not be a big inconvenience. Would love to learn how to run one anyway. When we pull the five acres out next year there will be a ton of possibilities if I can get a tractor and accessories. Then I can make a few bucks farming, in theory at least.

I’m gonna run into Stanton to get some drinking water and a Martin county paper. Then we will head to Midland where I will help Steve and Cherie can take care of her around town stuff, mail the birthday card to Bruce, and perhaps do some laundry at their house. So gotta run. Oh, Good morning Y’all.

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