Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walking in circles

Here's the rest of yesterday, which I evidently forgot to post. Then we get to today.

Just called Wayne. He finally got his social security money. Writing the letter like I told him to worked. Now he tells me that welfare told him that if he didn’t spend the thirteen thousand in six months they will take it away. I remember Barb, the lady with a traumatic brain injury I was helping, had also been told she wasn’t allowed to keep much money in her savings and had to spend it or lose it. In her case I think they said she would lose her social security check. The only thing Wayne and Barb are getting from Ohio welfare is Medicare. What a crock of shit this is, what a greedy bureaucratic government Ohio is. They don’t give Wayne his money for a year after it took me three years to get his social security approved. Then they want to take it cause there is too much there. I told Wayne how he can get around this. Glad I can still help despite being fifteen hundred miles away.
7/31/07 Tuesday
This is one of those hard mornings. I am running a five on the bob scale. Literally walking around in circles as I seek a tool or something. I’ve had a good run of sharp days so shouldn’t complain. Hopefully I’ll clear up.

I went to put the old cast iron sink, that had been in the old kitchen, into the countertop where it used to be. That’s the one I am putting in the garage. The sink weighs a ton. Seems like a hundred pounds, seriously. It’s more than the lateral file cabinet Steve and I lifted when I helped him in his office. So I set up a low saw horse and lifted the sink to it. Then I was able to catch the edge of the counter with it and inch by inch worked the sink onto the top of the counter. It was tough and I almost dropped it. That would have broken my foot badly. I started to lower it into the opening it rests in when I discovered that when I had installed the sink Amy gave to us I removed whatever supported this one. It would have just fallen through. Nuts. At least I got it on top of the counter.

Now I have to devise and install something to support this hundred pound monster. This is going to be a challenge when I am this slow. Been studying how for maybe an hour, looking at pieces of wood and measuring, and measuring, and remeasuring as I figure what I had in mind won’t work. Then I cut some wood and recut it because I marked the wrong place. This might take a while. At least I got the stool I’m making to hold the water finished.

Cherie’s family has a history of really rough menopauses that take a long time to settle down. Cherie is having a hard time with the emotional upheaval that goes with this time of life. She will see the doctor Monday. I am as supportive as I can be, taking on as many chores as I can and going with her on her job. I plan on doing much of the work when it comes to taking samples in the field. Any medication the doctor prescribes will be a strain on the budget. Janie suggested applying for aid with the county. I don’t know anything about county services but I know that the nine hundred a month I get is way over the state of Texas’s limits. At least I think so. It’ll work out, everything seems to one way or another. Cherie is going to visit Janie today. I am so happy she has found a friend. It just makes life better.

Took a pain pill this morning and will have to take another soon. Hate to take pills but it enables me to keep moving. At this rate I will run out long before the appointment on the eighth. Hell, I stretched a three month prescription five months so I’m sure not abusing them. That is a fear I have because I got addicted to the Oxycontin I had for my broken ribs back before the accident. I’ve got it under control but will always stay on guard.

Nuff said. Got my half hour of resting on the bed so the pain is down. Time to get back to work. After I get this sink in I’ve got to finish the new cabinet doors and drawers so they can be put in. That way Cherie will finally be able to get all the dishes, pots, pans, and everything else scattered around the living room put away in the kitchen. We’re getting there. I have to finish the cabinets so the oven can be put in and hooked up. Got to stay focused on that.

I took a picture of the stool. All I made on it by the way was the seat. The legs I had found when we cleaned out the bus. So when I go to download the picture I discover three days worth of pictures I had forgotten about.

Here is one I took of where I put my name in the concrete floor of the garage back in 1972 when I helped my grandfather build it. It is covered up now with the old cabinets I just put in.

This is a sunrise from a day or three ago. Thought it was cool with the oil well and all. Then there is the picture Cherie took this morning of the puppies getting their morning lap time where they fight for attention. Always a good time.
It’s 4:30 and I’ve just now gotten the sink in. Hurt myself doing it. Pulled a muscle or something on the right side about where the kidney is. Hope the supports hold it up cause I’d hate to have to deal with it again.

It stormed pretty good while I was working. Put the puppies up when it started. After the storm blew over I went and checked on them. The little shits had torn into the mattress of the fold up bed we had out there and scattered the stuffing all over the place. I blew up. Hate when I do that and so did the puppies. They knew they were in trouble. After I got done yelling they came up to me for some loving like they always do after getting in trouble. I petted and assured them but they got put in the crate so I didn’t have to worry about what they got into while I worked.

I think I’ll head into Midland to see about some oak faced plywood or veneer to finish the cabinets with. Cherie is there now visiting Janie.

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Tricia said...

The puppies are getting so big! What a bummer they must do so.

I loved the picture of your signature in the cement! That's pretty cool. I'm so glad that place is yours now.