Friday, October 05, 2007

The clouds come down

10/5/07 Friday
It’s hard to believe that Friday is already here. Geese, I haven’t even gotten my sister’s birthday present yet. Been meaning to do that since we got my disability check on the first. Cherie and I have scheduled doing that for today. That’s what it takes for me to get things done. If it isn’t scheduled it seldom happens but that’s life with TBI. Cherie is at the chiropractors this morning. Don’t know what she did but her back pain is back. She had a hard time going for our walk yesterday. I insisted she call and set up an appointment. She doesn’t like to because it costs money. I reminded her that Janie has set it up with her chiropractor, the one Cherie sees, that she picks up the tab for these visits. I understand Cherie’s feelings that this is…I don’t know, she just isn’t comfortable accepting other’s help. I’m the same way also but have learned to accept the love others show. Part of that came from having to convince Wayne many times to accept the help I was giving him. That lets me see it from those shoes.

So I am behind on this journal. No surprise there. Yesterday…uhmm??? No, Wednesday we had dinner at Don and Cynthia’s when we returned the mower he had let us borrow. What a great meal she cooked. My favorite part of it was the bread she baked with her bread maker. I think I’m gonna put getting one of those on my list. Got the store bought stuff beat hands down. We had an enjoyable time visiting afterwards but I ran out of steam as I do. Cherie said I just got quiet and stopped talking. It must have been pretty noticeable, especially after I told Cherie I was tired and should go home.

Janie had called while we were there and upon hearing we were having dinner with friends (It’s so good to be able to say that, “Dinner with friends”) she asked if we could call when we were done. I may have been tired but when it comes to Steve and Janie we will always be there for them. Janie was really in a tizzy as you can read on her blog. She was getting ready for the trip to Santa Fe she and Steve were making for her job and really needed help with packing things. So we went straight over. As soon as I saw the “What do you think of this dress? Does this blouse match” stuff I bee lined it to the TV room and hid out. Nope, don’t want nothing to do with all that. Even if I was up to speed I wouldn’t but I was pretty tired and vegging in front of the TV was the best help I could be.

There was an old Charles Bronson western on. Odds are I’ve seen it before because the little tune he played on a harmonica was familiar but none of the rest was. That’s one of the beauties of memory loss. I can enjoy movies for the first time all over again. Bits and pieces may be familiar but the rest isn’t. I remember seeing the Wizard of Oz while being housed at the Volunteers of America place the courts put me in. (What a place that was. Full of crack cocaine and corruption. It may be recounted earlier in this blog. You’ll have to do a search to see. Just type in VOA). I remembered big chunks of that movie but was surprised to find it was a musical when Dorothy sang. At that time emotional control was much worse and it was embarrassing when I started crying during a sad part of the movie.

Cherie was a big help for Janie and was elated to have been so. Janie took us out to Whattaburger after. It was after midnight. The Whattaburger was kind of nasty with lots of some kind of small beetle and a few crickets crawling around. I even had a beetle or two crawl up my leg. Yuck. Doesn’t make for an enjoyable meal. We didn’t get home till around one that morning. We didn’t have a problem falling to sleep though waking up wasn’t as easy.

Yesterday? I can’t remember much of it right now. Let me think. OK, I fired up the weedeater for the first time. I don’t know why but that sucker tires me out much faster than the lawn mower. Yeah! That reminds me. Wally brought over his mower for us. He wants to buy a new one so said we can have his old one. He may need to use it a few times as, being a savvy shopper, he wants to wait for the prices to go down as they always do in winter. It’s a real nice Craftsman with a 5.5 horse motor that should handle the heavy stuff out here just fine. This is the mower that…uhm? What’s His Name from Sunday school said was coming. I apologize for not remembering names and being too lazy to go back in this journal and look it up. Usually I can ask Cherie who’s name it is but she’s at the doctor now.

What else happened? I took some cool pictures. The one at the beginning of this entry I call “When Clouds Come down”. It was great to watch. We could have used the rain here but the storm stayed just north of us. At least we were able to smell the rain washed air. Then there is this rainbow. It never made a complete bow but was cool with the oil rig as a backdrop. There was almost a double rainbow. You might be able to see the glimmer of one forming to the left but it never really materialized.

Cherie did some laundry and wasn’t happy with the laundrymat. “I’m not happy. You get what you pay for” she said when she came home. We will go over to Janie’s and take her up on the much repeated offer to use her washer and dryer. It’s a battle for me to et Cherie to do so, that same uncomfortable thing she has accepting such offers.

So today I’ve broken out the weedeater again. I’m using the brush cutting attachment again to attack the big weeds I couldn’t get with the mower. Some of them are a challenge for the weedeater. Took a bit of doing to get em. I’ve cut some of the weeds on this fence row but need to go on the other side to get at the rest.

Here is the pile of weeds I started. It’ll get pretty big and when all dried out will make a great fire. Won’t last long but there nothing like a five minute bonfire. I might do it at night. It will be a week before it’s dry enough to burn.

So I came in for a quick rest about an hour ago. It’s time to get back to work. They are predicting a warm day in the nineties so don’t want to waste the cooler hours
I just did a search for VOA in this blog. What a powerful thing this journal is. I've been going back in time with it, reading and remembering. God what a life I have lived. How appropriate the title of this blog is. There is so much good and so much bad. Everyone tells me I should write a book. I've started it a few times but it's hard to focus and there is so much else I must do that I don't find the time.


Sandy Kessler said...

What kind of camera do you have?/great pics. I read Cheries fun message on Janie's blog you are all so important to each other. She was thrilled you all were there.Happy weekend 92 here too time to watch football and go to Farmers Market

Bob said...

It's a Kodak Easy Share 7630. Not too fancy at all but easy to work so it works for me. When I get rich I'll get a fancy one but then I'll have to go to school and learn how to work it.