Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More puppies

10/10/07 Wednesday
I’m feeling better this morning. Still running a little slow, a six on the bob scale. Of course the puppies aren’t jumping for joy as they usually do in the mornings. We let Trixie stay with us all night instead of putting her in the puppy room. We were going to let them both stay in the house but Rascal got active around midnight, wanting to play and get us up. So he got put up. Trixie isn’t remotely excited about anything but that’s to be expected considering her surgery was basically a total hysterectomy. We will have to keep an eye on Rascal to protect Trixie from his exuberance. In two weeks I am sure that she will again be running circles around Rascal. Right now she just lays hurting with an occasional whelp when she moves wrong. We just pet and love her. That helps us as much as her. They are the children we can never have.

Today I will try to figure out what is wrong with the truck. I hope I won’t have to tear the dash off again. Crawling underneath it to look up at the wiring is painful. For that matter so is crawling under the truck. My two ton hydraulic car jack is broken so I have no way of lifting the truck. Hope I never get a flat. Poor Rascal wants to play but Trixie is not even up to it.
I think I’ll have to give up on fixing the truck myself. I looked and looked, pulled on this wire and that but cannot find the problem. Started the truck with Cherie’s car and let them both run hooked up with the cables for an hour to charge the battery. Then Cherie and I went to pick up our mail in Stanton with the truck to charge it some more. We stopped at the FSA office to correct the address they have for Cherie. She found out that the CRP checks haven’t been released yet. That leaves things pretty tight. We are counting on that once a year check to catch up on stuff and get a few extras like food for a cookout for all those who have helped us. Plus Wally pointed out my inspection sticker had expired on the truck. We are not used to the Texas way of doing things yet. Ohio doesn’t have an inspection program like this at all so the thought never crossed our mind.

I left the truck running the whole time we were out. When we got home I immediately tried to start it after turning it off. Nope, dead as it could be, just clicked. When that CRP check comes I’ll have to take it to a shop and pay the big bucks to get it fixed. If I’m lucky it’s just the battery or alternator. I just don’t have the bucks to buy a battery and put it in to see if that works. We’ll just use Cherie’s car and when we need to use the truck I’ll jump start it and not turn it off till we get home.

It’s another hard day for me. That makes two or three in a row. The brain is still operating at a six on the bob scale but I’ve got one of those splitting headaches. I’m still trying to work but it’s no fun. Planted the seeds from the cactus plant we picked up along the road in New Mexico. I hope some come up. I’m gonna get on the tiller again. Haven’t touched it in a while. Chuck and Lillian dropped by yesterday with Miracle, their little girl. What a cutie she is. I again asked if I could take some pictures of their place and see if I could dig up some help for them. They are fine with it.


Sandy Kessler said...

they are beautiful dogs

Amy E said...

Poor puppies. Our puppy had her surgery about a month ago. She was kind of droopy the first time, but bounced off the wall afterwards. I think being smaller (chihuahua) maybe it was easier for her??? of course dogs are like people too, some handle pain better than others. I know I'd still be in bed if it were me. Too bad you can give her some Tylenol to help with the pain, poor baby.

Tricia said...

I know how much you hate to be idle, but if you're not feeling well physically, it's your body telling you to rest it and nurture it a litle bit. The work will wait.

Poor puppies...given the IB's recent surgery on his family jewels, I bet he could relate to what those puppies feel like right now!

Amy E said...

Bob, give me an idea of what types of things your friends are looking for and I can keep an eye open for them too.....I like that name Miracle..a friend of mine has two little girls named Genesis and Heaven