Friday, October 19, 2007

Dead screen

I'm posting this from Cherie's computer. Mine is pretty much non usable. Last the screen stayed on long enough to post but this morning will only come on for a few seconds each time I restart it. I won't even be able to keep the journal up though I suppose I could do it with Cherie's laptop.

Because we expected the CRP check we weren't as careful with our money as usual so things are pretty tight now. That's ok cause we're used to it. I'm not sure what I'm doing today. Will have to check with Cherie to see if anything's scheduled. If not I need to get to work on firewood. I need to buy a spring to continue working on the tiller so that will have to remain dismantled all over the garage. See ya when I get back I suppose.
I sharpened the blades on the tiller. That's as far as I got before one of those debilitating headaches kicked in. It's one of those that puts me out of commission. I've been researching grants and scholorships online with some difficulty. Just hard to think and process with my head pounding. I think I'll go sharpen the chain on the chainsaw now. That I can do in the garage where the light is dim and it's not noisy. Mice or rats are in the garage and got in my seeds so Cherie cooked up some venison sausage we were given that I will use in the traps I got a while back. The rats have successfully stolen the bait off these traps before so I suppose it's a contest now.


sandykessler said...

are you familiar with system restore where the computer programs itself back to where it was before it blurted out??

Bob said...

Yeah but this isn't a software problem. Something's broken.