Wednesday, October 17, 2007

not a bad day

It hasn’t been a bad day. That’s good. I got most of the five acres burned off. There has been a strong wind coming out of the west and that’s just what I needed to do this relatively safely. I don’t know why I’m burning off the grass and weeds but it seemed like the thing to do. In my mind it will help kill off the grass burrs but they seem to be the least effected. I might just be making things worse.

If we get the check I want to see about renting a tractor with a tiller and churn it all underground. Then I’d like to plant Rye as I read it is very aggressive and will fight off the weeds, thus beating out the grass burrs. The concept being that next year they will be much less of a problem. So can I harvest the Rye? How can I do that? Tilling it under as living compost is something else I read about. I’ve read so much but it gets blurred with the short term memory problem. Eventually I’ll know what I’m doing. Till then I’ll just plug along as best I can. If I had the money I would love to go to college and learn about this stuff. It would be nice just to know some folks who already know it.

An orchard we passed in New Mexico

The distance from here to the house is part of what I measured to mark off the five acres. That is the same distance it goes to the left as we pulled out an equal sided square from the CRP program. In my imagination I see it planted with crops we can sell at the markets and to folks who come out and pick their own. Eventually it will be planted with fruit trees for the orchard. I wonder how much an acre can generate money wise in a good year? Could it be enough to pay for a tractor? Then there are issues like how do I water five acres of plants. All part of the adventure of building a farm on a disability check. Some say it can’t be done, especially by a guy with a traumatic brain injury, but you watch and see, I’ll do it.

I never did work on the tiller. Perhaps I’ll try to get some light in the garage and work on it tonight, take advantage of being fairly sharp. The one light bulb doesn’t quite do it.


Amy E said...

Bob, check with the VA, there may be free money available to you to go to college....there's all kinds of free money. I can help you apply if you like....I go to college and so does my son. He has a scholarship from the Texas Department of Rehabilatative Services (you could check into that too)he received enough money for his tuition this year, and I bought his books. It's doable, definitely!

sandykessler said...

yes check with the Va and other mioni grants for untapped money for small businesses. A lot of grant money is never used!!!

sandykessler said...

mini grants sorry

Bob said...

I used up my GI bill in the seventies, using it to learn how to be a machinist and in bible college. Grants are harder to find and figure out. Let me know where to look.

I called Texas Rehab services before we moved down and wasn't encouraged at all. Probably should call them again. Part of the problem is I own this land and that makes me worth too much for some of this assistance. Land rich and cash poor.

Amy E said...

first of all go to the website and complete an online application....they can then tell you how much you are eligible addition go to and set up a profile, they will then send you notices of scholarships available that meet your criteria. In addition, the community college or university near you should have a website. On their website, usually under the Financial Aid sector there should be link for scholarships that are available there at the campus. If you don't find it, call the office and ask for help in locating the scholarship office or for the process. There is loads of money out there, it just takes a bit of work to locate it....

I look and see what I can find and let you know.