Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cutting wood

10/24/07 Wednesday
I’ve spent the morning cutting firewood. I fell down, tripping on some of the logs I was splitting. I know the doctors tell me falling down is not a good idea with the types of injuries I’ve had but what really hurt was the hundred or so grass burrs that my two hundred plus pounds pressed into my flesh. Ouch. (and a few other words I’ll not repeat here) Anyway I’m a bit tired now. I wore through another set of gloves. Strangely enough that makes me feel good for it is evidence I am working hard. Much of the time I am frustrated that I don’t get anything done but it’s easy to feel that way when you don’t remember your day well. So I’m happy I wore the gloves out. I’ll have to wait for the check to come to buy another pair. There’s a whole lot of stuff that will be coming out of this next check.

I haven’t gotten a lot of response yet to yesterday’s request for help for Chuck and Lillian but it’s only been a day. A few folks Emailed me to say they are giving this some thought and another asked for a list of specific items needed. Of course, in my imagination I envisioned hundreds of people rushing forward to build them a whole new house. I always dream big. Odds are that won’t happen but who knows. They will be grateful for anything. Even for some work they could do for others.

I was going to call Don, who has hairline fractures in his leg, but thought today was Thursday till Cherie corrected me. Just wanted to give him a little encouragement but today is his dialysis day and that pretty much puts him out for the day.

That’s it for now. Cherie will go to Jen’s this afternoon to dig up some flower bulbs or something. I’m going to cut and split some more wood. There is something else I had in mind to do but it escapes me at the moment. I left the water on the apple trees all night again. That is the second time in as many days. I need to develop something to help me not do this. There are nine trees and as I work to water them one at a time it is a constant series of forgetting all about it till I happen to walk by and see the latest lake I’ve made. It’s taken me two days to water nine trees. When we lived in Toledo I would forget I was pouring dishwater when I walked out of the kitchen for a minute and flooded the kitchen several times. We bought a timer that beeped that would remind me of whatever task I was on. That helped but won’t help when I’m outside here.

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