Monday, October 01, 2007


It’s a little after two now. I put together the weed eater that our Sunday school class bought for us. Then I disconnected the self propel drive from the mower Dave gave us. I don’t need it and the cable was in need of replacement. It frustrates me for it to take so long to accomplish tasks. I wanted to be mowing by now. I just remembered that I did finish spraying Roundup on the weeds. I finally broke down and did this despite how much I dislike using any kind of poison. There had been some Roundup left in the garage when we first moved here. I guess no one wanted to steal that. There was also a sprayer that didn’t get stolen but it had been tucked away and not easy to see. I’m going to buy another bottle of it and finish spraying the rest of the weeds. Mostly the Johnson grass as it’s stickers are our biggest nemesis. They get all over our boots and tracked in the house despite our efforts to avoid that. They also are a constant source of pain for the puppies, getting stuck on their paws all the time. I figure I’ll spray this year with the theory that next year will be better because I should be able to till the yard and plant Buffalo and Bermudas grass.

I’m pretty tired as I often am at this time of day. Cherie went into Midland this morning. I don’t know when she will get back. As much as I dislike it I will take the nap the doctors and my body say I need. It’s like I’m eighty years old or something. Frustrating.
Well, I sharpened the blade, changed the oil, removed the drive, put gas in it, and tried to start the mower Dave gave us. No go. Seven years of setting doesn’t do a mower any good. I don’t know if the float was stuck or seals dried up and cracked but the gas just poured out of the carburetor. It’ll take a bit of work to get this running. I went ahead and started up the mower Don is lending us. Didn’t get much done because I ran out of time. Had to stop to grill the steaks we picked up yesterday. It’s the once a month get something nice meal. Good stuff but I over cooked the steaks. I gotta practice this grilling stuff.

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sandykessler said...

I have to do it too I let my body direct me - I listen to its rhythms and say that's where God wants me