Thursday, October 18, 2007

decent day

10/18/07 Thursday
I finally got to work on getting the kitchen sink sealed. Janie had purchased the silicone sealant needed for this job…uhm...about a decade ago. As is unfortunately usual with me it became another project that I didn’t get to. That’s all part of the dumbest smart person of my self definition. You know, I’m either the smartest dumb person or the dumbest smart person you will ever meet. It just depends on the moment you meet me. I’d keep seeing it and say to myself “I’ve gotta do this” but forget all about it a few minutes later. I ask Cherie to remind me but she’s not a whole lot better than I am memory wise. This is due in part to the menopause thing from what I’ve read. She brought the sink up yesterday so I had her write it down on the schedule we try to keep up in order to accomplish anything around here.

Right now I am laying down to ease the back pain. It’s so strange to be able to bend over and pick things up without great difficulty or pain but to have the simple thing of working at a countertop level so debilitating. I’m not picking up anything heavy or straining when I do, it’s just something about the slight stoop required. I will note that yesterday I was unusually weak. Had a real hard time replacing one of the five gallon water bottles on our…uh…water bottle drink dispensing thing. I can’t think of the name for it right now. It’s not usually a problem. Perhaps the three or so bad days contributed to that.

God willing I’ll get to work on the tiller today. It’s 1:00 now and I’m just about done with the sink. All I have to do is put it back in. Spent a lot of time cleaning the hard water deposits off of the faucet. The Lime Away barely touched them so I had to practically chisel it off with a scraper. I found some Teflon tape that I had picked up somewhere and wrapped the threads cause something was leaking. Hopefully that will cure it.

Well the pain pill and laying down has eased the pain so I’ll get back to work.
My computer screen has been blacking out. I’ve been nursing this thing for a few months now. I dropped it when I heard Cherie scream “The puppies are in the road” and rushed to get them. It’s got cracks and black spots and lines all over it now. I’ve been working around them as best I could. It’s flickering again now so will probably go blank again. I hope that using it for months with it being cracked hasn’t strained whatever powers the screen cause then I’ll have to replace more than the screen. We’ve been waiting for the CRP check to get it fixed. That hasn’t come yet and I worry that our taking five acres out of the program will cause a glitch in the bureaucracy.

I got the weed whacker out and finished the weeds by the old melon patch. There were more in the pile but they blew away in the strong winds we had yesterday. Still it’s a pretty good pile. All of it was possible because of the gift of the weedeater from those in our Sunday school class. What a difference a few friends can make. We are and always be grateful.

I had Cherie get the camera out to take pictures of it. I knew it would burn fast and it took maybe three hundred seconds to burn away. What a blaze that was. I don’t know what our neighbors think. Burning off the field drew some attention and this time someone rushed by in their pickup. Seeing me tending the fire he did a U turn and headed back. I’m gonna hurry to get this posted as the screen is flickering

That's it. The day's done. I did get to take the tiller all apart again and removed the reverse mechanism. Will need to replace a spring to make the clutch work. If I had the bucks I'd go ahead and replace the rings but that will have to wait. See ya.


Nate~ said...

Don't catch that field of corn stubble on fire or you will play hell getting it out.

Tricia said...

"...water bottle drink dispensing thing..."

Eh...sounds good to me!

Man, those weeds are GINORMOUS! That's Texas for ya!

Hugs to you both...

Bob said...

It's cotton Nate and ready to harvest. If it caught on fire there would be big bucks going up in smoke. I don't think cotton burns well but regardless I'm very careful.

Janie said...

Dude...cotton burns very well. But maybe not on the stalk. :)