Monday, October 08, 2007

Off to a start

10/8/07 Monday
What a start for this day. Our neighbor stopped his tractor at the corner of his field and our property and came over to talk. He asked if it would be ok for him to mow along our side of the road between us where the weeds grow pretty tall. I’ve been wanting to catch them about that ever since Cherie and I saw they had done so up by the well but stopped halfway down. I wanted to make sure they understood it was fine with me and that they could mow there anytime they wanted. He explained that when the weeds dry up they can blow into his field and that isn’t good for their combines. (I think that’s what you call them) I made sure to let him know it was fine, not only this year but from now on. Eventually I will have trees planted as a windbreak along the property line.

I walked out and pulled up the stakes I had placed yesterday marking the five acres we are pulling out of the CRP program to hopefully begin farming. That depends on if we can get a tractor. I had to pull up the stakes in order for him to mow. After marking it off I realized just how big five acres is. It’s a chunk of land for sure but only a shadow of the seventy six acres we have.

Sometime this morning I lost my keys. At first it wasn’t a big deal as forgetting where I left things is a regular event. One of the things I was taught at the Brain Injury Institute is to have a place for everything and to keep everything in it’s place. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. After looking everywhere I began to get worried. Cherie helped look as well but there was still no sign of them. After looking for an hour I finally found them. I had set them down when I clipped back the Dahlia’s by the mail box that the dogs had trashed.

Unfortunately the stress of losing the keys triggered a slow down. This is a rude reminder of just how delicate my brain can be, how susceptible I am to stress. It brings up doubts about my being able to teach in Sunday school. After finding the keys and relaxing I cleared up just fine.

Yesterday the truck again needed a jump. It appears that the electrical problem has returned. I know I fixed something before but suspected there was more to fix. That is confirmed now. This morning the truck was dead as a door nail. I pulled Cherie’s car up and jump started it so I could take the trash to the landfill. Out of habit I turned the truck off when I was getting out of the truck to unload the garbage bags. I had determined to leave it running but forgot. When I immediately tried to restart it, it was dead. Fortunately someone was there dumping garbage and they gave me a jump. Once again I have this problem to solve.
3:35 – I am not doing so good right now. Cherie went over to Steve and Janie’s to finish cleaning up for their return from Santa Fe. When I wrote the previous entry I was having to work to stay awake. Right now I am only running a four on the bob scale. Pretty slow. I took a nap at 1:00. Have a headache on top of everything. This sucks.

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