Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oil rigs here

10/6/07 Saturday
It is 3:39 right now. I am pretty tired but that isn’t unusual for this time of day. To finish up yesterday, we went to Steve and Janie’s where Cherie did some of our laundry and worked on organizing one of the closets. Bud is house sitting for them and I think we caught him by surprise. I know he had to run and get clothes on cause he said he had been taking a bath. He didn’t seem very comfortable with us. I went over and visited with Jay and his wife. Jay is the neighbor next door who is getting us a new window through his friend who runs the “Christmas in Action” ministry. We talked for a few hours I guess. Jay let me know that the ministry was putting a new roof on a ladies house and he was volunteering to help them out. I don’t know if he asked me of if I asked about helping as well. Regardless it was ok and I got the address.

With all that done I went back over to Janie’s to see how Cherie was doing. We ran out and got a bite to eat and then returned to do some more work. I guess Bud had fallen and bumped his head when I was next door at Jay’s. He told Cherie he would be going out that night. I would have been in the way of Cherie so I watched TV. Their dog, Zack, got up on the couch next to me and, laying his head on my leg, went to sleep.

This morning Cherie went to a quilting show. I drove over to where Christmas in Action was putting the roof on. Jay was there and we helped clean up the ladies yard. There was lots of stuff that had gathered up. The lady is ninety or something and it all reminded me of how things were here with my grandmother’s place. Lots of things were in poor shape due to age and neglect. She sure needed the new roof and it looked like some of the plywood underneath will have to be replaced. Christmas in Action is taking care of all that. Cool stuff and so needed.

I called Wayne up in Toledo. What Wayne told me was sure confusing and not really lining up with what he said before, in fact he contradicted himself several times during the conversation. It’s got me worried. I really don’t quite know what’s going on there and lots of what Wayne said didn’t seem right. He was vague and seemed to be avoiding my questions. I hope he is alright and not being taken advantage of. I spent three years getting him set with a place to live and his social security. Now I pray it doesn’t blow away in the wind on him.

I called Sharon, another friend whom I met at the public housing project I got Wayne moved out of. Cherie and I spent a lot of time helping her also. She talks to Wayne on occasion so I hoped to get an insight on what’s going on. Sharon said that Wayne told her he didn’t trust anyone. There is a woman who has been borrowing money from Wayne that lives in his apartment complex. Also Wayne’s son is a regular visitor and I already know he’s a real winner. Wayne caught him stealing money out of his wallet. Sharon worried that the MS is affecting Wayne’s mind. That is exactly what it does. Multiple Sclerosis is a deterioration of the nerves and chemistry of the brain and the spinal cord with all it’s connections through the body. Sharon will try to get the name of Wayne’s caseworker at the Zeph Center. I should still be on his paperwork as his advocate so will be able to talk to her and try to make sure she protects Wayne’s interest. Or at least try to. God I wish I was up there.

Well they put the drilling rig up we were expecting. We watched the practiced crew putting in the pad or whatever it’s called for it several months ago. It is close enough that we will be hearing it running for however long it’ll be there. It sure lights up the sky at night. It’ll be interesting to watch how they do stuff. I’m tired now so will call it a night.


sandykessler said...

what kind of camera??love the pics Hi Cherie !!

Bob said...

It's a Kodak Easyshare 7630