Monday, October 15, 2007

It's getting cooler

10/14/07 Sunday
(That’s as far as I got)

10/15/07 Monday
It’s a cool morning. The temperatures have been dropping, letting me know winter is coming. I need to cut more firewood to prepare. There is still a big log I cut down at the pond that needs to be cut to size and split. This wood is still wet so won’t be good for burning till maybe the end of the season. There is lots of dead wood left in the Mulberry trees and I am counting on that for our winter heat. Unfortunately it’s hard to reach and a little precarious so I’ll have to go slow and careful. I bought another file to sharpen the saw, which I’ll need as the Mulberry is some hard stuff and dulls the chain in a heartbeat.

I want to record the end of Saturday and what we did yesterday. Saturday evening was the dinner for our Sunday school class at Don and Cynthia’s. There were lots of people there, many of whom I did not recognize. That’s not unusual for me but some of them I think we had not met yet. It was an enjoyable time. I tried to join in as best I could. There was a football game on that all the men were watching so I sat and watched with them. It was LSU and someone else but I don’t remember who. I don’t know who LSU is. There are very few teams that are familiar to me. I don’t really watch football or any sports for that matter so much of it is foreign to me. I’m sure I kept up with sports better before the coma but it hasn’t been a part of my life since I woke up. Everyone has their favorites they root for and part of the fun seemed to be that kind of rivalry as they talked up their team, expressing their confidence in their team’s superiority over the others. I can’t really do that cause there is really no background I have to form such opinions so I mostly just watched and listened, occasionally nodding. I did comment on the quarterbacks inability to hit his target, that way I felt like I was participating.

The food was great and there was plenty for everyone. It seemed that the men and women split into separate groups from the start. I suppose that’s how things work. I don’t really have a lot of experience in social gatherings like this, at least not since I woke up so it’s all part of my learning this new world. But it was a good time. I heard one of the guys say he has a water purification business so I went over and talked to him about the needs for the farm. He had some good information but I really don’t remember much of it.

We followed Wally and Jen to their place so I could pick up the grass catcher to the lawnmower he gave us. We both just loved their house. Really put together well and not like the average place as far as it’s layout. Has a great feel of openness. Despite being practically exhausted from a long busy day they visited with us for quite a while. Wally has a great 50’s Pontiac that only has something like 47,000 miles on it. I really enjoy that kind of thing. It’s all original and in great shape. I think they would have talked with us all night but I could see how tired they were so decided it was time to go home.

Yesterday? We went to church and stopped at Lowe’s after so I could pick up a bolt and some O-rings for the tiller. When we got home I put the extra wheel on the tiller next to the other one that is breaking. I figure the two together will hold up under the beating that tiller puts out. The first wheel I put on the replace the original that had rusted away. Hope it works.

While doing that I had a slowdown or something that was like getting kicked in the head. My cognizance level wasn’t effected but there was a bad headache that came on in seconds and it hit my ability to work the right leg and side. That put me out of commission for a few hours.

Despite being drained from that I got up to do something, anything except laying in bed. Watering the trees worked and I removed the carburetor from the tiller cause I need to see if I can fix whatever it’s doing wrong. It leaks gas all over the place. The O-rings are the wrong size so I will take them back today.

It was starting to get dark and there was a gentle wind coming out of the west. That is perfect for doing a controlled burn so I got the propane torch out to see how that worked. It wasn’t bad but the fire didn’t hit the grass burrs as much as I wanted. That’s the main reason I wanted to burn.

It’s my hope that the fire would destroy the grass burr seeds to reduce them coming up next year. The wind is blowing the wrong direction this morning so I’ll have to wait to try this again. The last thing I want is to lose control of the fire and have it go raging across our seventy five acres.

I pulled a bob last night. Forgot all about the water I had on the apple tree so it ran all night. You can see some of the puddle in this picture of this morning’s sunrise. Short term memory loss strikes again. I do this all the time, getting distracted and forgetting the task I was on, but usually catch it before it gets too bad. Oh well.

I think I’ll get back out to work now. Always plenty to do here

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sandykessler said...

oh I get distracted sometimes Bob and with disastrous effects. I just pray for more strength. Gorgeous first photo Hi Cherie