Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm back

10/27/07 Saturday

10/29/07 Monday
I see I didn’t get far with the Saturday entry. Have gotten several Emails and Amy’s comment about my not posting. I apologize though I am touched by the fact that you care. With my computer being screen dead I have stopped my daily routine of keeping the journal. Kinda started it on Cherie’s laptop (which I am writing this on now) but haven’t kept up with it. Routines are important for those of us with traumatic brain injuries and developing them was part of my training at the Brain Injury Institute in St Louis.

While much has happened there is much I don’t clearly recall at the moment. One of the things that stands out is my meeting with Matt Hanson. He’s the young man who was featured in the Midland Reporter a week or two ago that is working to get a farmer’s market started downtown and is an organic gardener. I called the reporter to get Matt’s phone number so I could meet him.

He’s quite a guy and I guess I could call him a kindred spirit. We talked about lots of things connected with organic farming and also delved into some philosophical areas. Matt has quite a background in organics and recently moved from the Austin area, which is on the forefront of Texas organic farming. Matt talked about a type of community involvement with the farm where folks basically invest in each years crops, helping the farmer cover expenses and sharing in the results be it bad or good. They share the risks with the farmer. He had some initials that represented what this concept was called but I don’t remember them. I look forward to getting to know Matt better for he knows lots of stuff and I don’t about how to farm. He is also getting in touch with others in the area who are small organic farmers and it would be good to become a part of that community.

What else? The Redneck Steel business that’s on the I-20 service road near us burned again. This is the second fire he has had this year and evidently he lost about everything. We drove past as the fire was just breaking through the roof and watched it get worse from the house. Here is a picture we took.

We went to the Lunch with the Pastor thing at First Baptist. Great food and we met a couple of other people. It is mostly to get folks acquainted with how to join the church and an introduction to the staff. Lots of staff. We aren’t going to join just now. I guess we are a little gun shy after what happened with the Cedar Creek church in Toledo.

I’ve been helping Cherie with her cotton surveys and that takes a lot out of me. Now we’re picking lots of cotton as it is ready to harvest. There’s lots that needs to get done before each farmer strips the cotton and then a timeline where we must get in each field within three days after the harvest. So we have to drive out to the fields and check on them. That’s gonna add up to hundreds of miles but we get paid mileage. I suppose this has contributed to my not posting.

We went to a great concert at First Baptist. I think the guy’s name is Randy Cottrell or something like that. Pretty talented guy and lots of his music is sung at the church as it is. Several of the folks from our Sunday school class are in the choir and play instruments and they were all a part of it. I knew Don would be there despite his broken leg and sure enough he was. Just about as…stubborn?...determined?...I’m not sure of the right word to use but basically he’ll endure the pain to do what he wants or feels that he needs to do. I like it cause I’m like that too. Anyway it was a great time.

Can’t think of much else now other than the fact the puppies are probably teething. They chewed the power supply cord for the laptop through leaving two pieces. That’ll cost another thirty of forty bucks. Another thing to add to our CRP check shopping list. We called FSA and they said the checks should be sent out this week. It would be a big help.

I think we had dinner with some folks from the church but am unclear on who or when. OK, I remember who but not their names or if it was after my last post or what. Sorry, that's a bob thing, part of what I live with. Speaking of that I may have already written about Redneck Steel and gotten confused on when it happened.

That’s all I’ll write tonight. No promises on when I’ll post again


Amy E said...

Okay, Bob I'll stop being your mommy LOL! and checking up on you. It's only because we love you that we bug you when you don't post....we get worried....see ya soon!

i beati said...

Have you seen Janies pups?I'm jealous !! sk

Bob said...

Nah, don't stop Amy, it makes me feel good to have folks care. Growing up with Asperger's syndrome and the lack of acceptance that came with it makes the care and concern of you and everyone else pretty special.

Nope, haven't seen the puppies yet. Cherie has but I don't get over there as much as I would like.