Thursday, July 09, 2009

Got up early

7/9/09 Thursday
I lost at least four hours due to the seizure yesterday. Was able to get back out to work at about 8:00. Worked till it was dark as I usually do. I’m not too speedy this morning either, about a six on the bob scale. The fact that the bob scale is back in use indicates a resurgence of problems. Perhaps that pendulum has swung the other way, where I have lots of slowdowns for a period. Seems that way. Hope it swings back to where I’m sharp soon. The headaches have been coming a lot for…I don’t know, weeks? Can’t remember.

Cherie’s laptop has been running real slow online the last couple of days. This is always scary, especially because it’s the last computer we have running. Her tower is ancient by computer standards, I’m guessing six years old. The fan doesn’t work so we don’t turn it on. I picked up three computers thrown out at the landfill to see if they had a good fan but, like everything else, I never got a round to it. And of course my laptop is taken apart in a box waiting for the new motherboard we can’t quite afford yet. I ran the spyware a few times but it hasn’t found anything. Cherie suspects someone is tapping into our wi-fi again and thus using up our allotted amount of time for the satellite service we use to go online. When that happens the satellite dramatically slows down the speed. Either that or there is a virus that bogs everything down by sending tons of information out and in that the Spysweeper can’t find. I’m on Microsoft’s website to see if they have any answers. The problem is I can’t connect well and the site doesn’t come all of the way up.

Finally got the site up and am trying to download a “scanner” program Microsoft has but it’s failed to load a couple of times now. I had Cherie set the alarm early so I could get out by the time the sun came up. I wanted to do this so I can spray the organic insecticide. You should do this before the plant leaves get warm and while everything is still cool. Got that done and also sprayed Roundup on weeds while I had the backpack sprayer out so came in to grab something to drink. Figured I’d check the blog and email real quick and get back out before it hit a hundred plus degrees again. Now I’m stuck here trying to get it working right. Hate giving up any time at all when there is so much to do but it’s vital to insure this computer doesn’t go down.

It’s still downloading the scanner program. Seems like it’s been doing that for a half hour now. So while I’m waiting I’ll write. I always worry that I’ve offended someone or that I gave them a wrong impression. Recent conversations are on my mind, always. “What did I say? What do they think of me?” are the questions I ask. I interpret what people say wrong and don’t say things the way I want. I guess that’s “Reverse interpretation” where the words I use don’t match the intended message. Add to that the fact I’m seldom clear on what was said, that I can remember portions or only remember we talked but not what we talked about. So I worry.

This frickin laptop is still downloading. I’ve been in since about ten and it’s 11:00 now. I’d love to go post on my blog or look at other’s blogs but any activity will further bog down this download. I think I’ll go fix a sandwich. At least I won’t be wasting time that way and will have an early lunch. Just sitting here waiting is driving me crazy.

It’s 11:30. I fixed and ate my sandwich and this damn thing is still downloading. Driving me nuts. I’ve got things to do. Hell with it, I shut it down. An hour and a half and still going? Something ain’t right.
I finally got the Microsoft scanner thing downloaded and ran it. Took three hours for it to scan the whole computer. Found that koobface Trojan hidden in the “restore” part of the computer. It’s probably the same one we had before, just tucked away out of sight waiting for the restore function to be used. Hope it’s gone for good now. The scanner program found some six hundred and fifty plus registrations that were no longer valid. Not clear on what they are but it cleaned that out too. Then it defragged the hard drive. Should help this laptop work better.

I’m wondering if all this heat is the reason I’ve had so many slowdowns and headaches. I work hard which means I sweat a lot. That depletes the body of electrolytes, which are vital for brain function and the whole nervous system. Plus I think they are important for your muscles to work but am not clear on that. If it is the reason there’s not much I can do about it. I’m not going to quit working and damn sure ain’t gonna just lie around in front of the air conditioner. This headache (yeah, I got another one) is killing me so I will relax for a bit. I won’t quit working but do take care of myself. I drink a lot of fluids and come in when I get unsteady or hurt too much, or just real tired.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!
Well it sounds like you have been having lots of challenges lately. Sorry about the seizures. I know that has to make you feel really awful! Praying for you!!!
I wish I had a computer I could give you. I know how frustrating they can be when they don't work right. I'm not a guru...that was Rob's department, so can't help you much on the fix it side.
The grand daughters are here visiting. they will be here for about a month. You will see them on Sundays with me at church.
I hope you are doing better now than earlier. I will try to write as I can while the girls are here. Amazing how much time kids can take up. lol
Love and hugs to you and Cherie!! Vickie

Bob said...

thanks Vickie. Your comments help lighten a day. See ya Sunday, God willing.