Monday, July 20, 2009

Strange to be me

7/20/09 Monday

It’s hard to believe it’s already the twentieth. Time sure seems to fly but it does for me anyway. That’s an effect of the short term memory loss. When you don’t remember much of the days before they blend together. One of the things that constantly happen is I will look at the plants and weeds seem to miraculously grow overnight. In my mind I just weeded the day before so finding a two foot tall weed is disconcerting. The other day I saw a melon on the golden honeydew vine that was seven inches long and almost as wide. It’s like it just magically appeared. I know I saw it several times before but just didn’t remember. So strange to be me. The world changes so quickly when you don’t remember.

I’ve been chopping down the corn. Accidently cut one of the drip tapes while doing it. I cut them often and need to order more of the repair unions. Used them all up. I’m planning on running the mower over them to chop it up for the compost. You can see lots of evidence of the bugs that trashed it. By aerobically composting I will kill all their eggs. Saw some squash bugs on the corn. Read in Mother Earth News that guinea fowl will rid a garden completely of squash bugs and unlike chickens won’t trash the plants. Something else we would like to try but like everything don’t have the means to right now.

I’m frustrated. Got out to work a little after 8:00 this morning. Got physically tired pretty quick swinging the chopper thing I used to cut down the corn. Can’t think of the name for it right now. That’s the aphasia thing where it’s hard to find words. Plus I’m slowing down. I’ve got so much to do. Can’t afford to stop or get slow. It’s already hot. Humidity is up there.

Worked on the old store yesterday. Was going to fix the roof but the old man had someone else do it. Don’t remember if I mentioned it but the wind blew the steel roof almost all the way off. Actually some did blow off. That was the day before or Friday. Not sure which.

This slowdown is effecting my coordination. Remembered I had taken pictures as I wrote so went to download them. Had a hard time plugging the cord in. Have a headache coming on. One thing on top of another. This sucks. Hard to maintain a positive attitude.

Saw a different kind of truck at the oil well across the highway. Small. Not the semis we normally see. Then it went to our well after pumping something from the first. I called the oil company to let them know in case it was someone stealing oil.

I get so tired when I have these slowdowns. Won’t go lay down. Too much to do. Too much has already been neglected. Geese, just looked at the clock. Thought it might be 9:00 – 9:30 and it’s 11:12. It’s so weird to have time flip by like this. Like I just blanked out for a couple of hours. I didn’t but it’s strange. Somehow I had erased much of this paragraph and didn’t notice. Was able to recover it using the edit thing. Maybe I should lay down.

Here’s some pictures I found on the camera. I guess Cherie took them of her roses. They are doing well.

Can't publish pictures cause internet connection went to hell.
It's still not working well but I'll try to post some pictures. Just got up. The headache is at close the blinds level. Think I''ll put sunglasses on and see if I can work.


Anonymous said...

The roses are beautiful! Jen P

Bob said...

Thanks Jen. They put a big smile on Cherie's face. Glad they survived my gardening skills. Cherie enjoys going out and weeding them.