Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lots of rain

Tuesday's sunset (I think it was Tuesday)

7/23/2009 Thursday
Looks like it’s going to be an inside day. We got ¾ of an inch of rain by five yesterday and it rained all night. It’s still raining but it’s a light one for the moment. Hang on, let me put my boots on and go check the rain gauge.

Wow! It’s almost two inches, halfway between an inch and three quarters and two. I’m not computing what that is right now but you get the idea. That’s greatly needed water to be sure. I think it’s more than we’ve received all year, as in seven months. Too bad I haven’t been able to put in a rainwater harvesting set up to capture this. As with most things it’s a matter of money. If I had there would probably be about ten thousand gallons recovered from the roofs on the house and garage. I know that sounds like a lot but from what I’ve read and researched it could well be more than that. Even if it’s half that this is quality water and much better than what comes from the well. The salt level of the well water is high and gathers on the soil surface along with lots of mineral content. Plants can grow but certainly don’t thrive in it.

The view from our bedroom window. That would be Lake Westbrook out there

So I’ll work on the long neglected business plan. It’s not really going to be the full plan because much of the information I’ve gathered for two years is locked on the two hard drives of my laptop. The first one has the most information and that’s the one that was ate up by a worm/virus. It’ll have to be sent to a lab to see if they can recover anything and the six or seven hundred dollar cost just isn’t possible right now. The other hard drive is fine but until I get a new motherboard I can’t access it. The frustrating part is that one’s all backed up on the external hard drive we bought for that purpose and I can’t figure out how to access it. If any of you know how I’d appreciate the help.

Fortunately I found some handwritten notes of research I was doing. Part of it is population counts of all the counties and cities in a hundred mile radius of the farm. So what I’m writing now is just a general outline of my vision for this place. My thoughts are I can use this to generate some interest and start putting together a team of people who can help create this vision. There was a time I could do much of it myself but I recognize that I no longer have that ability. By myself I can do a little but with the help of others all things are possible. Especially if God is involved.

I read through what I’d already written and see much that needs to be changed. The ideas are correct but how I try to get them across, how I’ve written it is a little confusing. I know what I was trying to say but need to revise it to make it easier to comprehend.

Ben is in pain right now. The change of weather does that. I can hear him whining outside the door and it breaks my heart. He should be getting the metal pin removed next week and I’m sure that will help. I can feel these changes in my broken and damaged bones so I can only imagine what it’s like for him.

Enough writing. I’ll fix breakfast and get busy. Concentrating on things like the business plan can sometimes get difficult as I struggle to coalesce my thoughts. When it does I think I’ll go out and start straightening out the garage to take a break. Haven’t done that in a while so it’s a big disorganized mess.
I went and grabbed a burger at the drug store after picking up mail. Walking out back it seems like the weeds grew up overnight with the rain. So many weeds and only one of me. I’ve been slowing down so working on the business plan is not possible. I get lost too easily. Struggling with what to say. Have a headache on top of that and sounds are getting loud and my eyes sensitive to light. Not a good sign. Plus there’s the mental fatigue thing. Will lay down and hope it clears up.
It’s 5:20. I feel like crap and have since the last entry at noon or so. Still have the headache. It’s a bad one. Even sitting in the office with this laptop is rough. The sounds of cars going by are like I’m laying on the road. Even the birds singing are loud. I hear Rascal panting at the door. It’s open so it’s not like I’ve got superman hearing but all these sounds just show up loud. You’d think I had a hangover but I don’t drink. Despite all this I had to get up. Can’t stand to lay in bed. Nothing on TV, at least not on the two channels we get. Even if there was it would be too loud to listen to. So I’ll go online to find some local news or something practical.

I’ll be delivering blackeyed peas to Midland tomorrow. If anyone wants some drop me an email at

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