Friday, July 10, 2009

Hate to quit working

The cantaloupe and honeydew rows I've been hoeing for two days.
It’s 2:30 now. As much as I hate to quit working I had to come in. I’m sure it’s hit a hundred degrees out there. Coming in is just a smart thing to do. I probably play with heat stroke all the time and that’s not too bright. Finally finished hoeing the weeds where the cantaloupe and honeydew are. Been working on it since yesterday when I pretty much spent the whole day on it. This morning I worked on the flower beds, trimming back the morning glory vines where they’ve overgrown the rose bushes. I also installed some more drip irrigation, replaced some that wasn’t working well, and planted some flower seeds we collected from what we grew last year. I think they are called Hollyhocks. Can’t remember what they looked like but I remember we thought they were beautiful. The cantaloupe and honeydew are making melons now. Everything’s recovered from the insecticide soap disaster, everything that didn’t die that is. The blackeyed peas are doing well. Not sure about the corn. It’s making ears but there’s no telling what the corn worms have done to it. I sprayed it for the first time the other day. Should have sprayed it earlier but haven’t been able to juggle that in with so much to do. I talked to a friend that I had been worrying about, worrying that I had offended them. As usual my fears are unfounded but it was a relief to know.

Blackeyed peas

Today is a poop scoop day so I’ll be running in to Midland. Can’t think of other things to do while in town, at least not right now. I need to deal with that speeding ticket but not today. Should go visit my friend Don. I’ll play that by ear. Depends on how I feel. Should be somewhat refreshed because I’ll be taking my nap in a few minutes, maybe. I want to start writing the business plan again. Have to start over because everything is locked on the hard drive of my laptop, which is in pieces now. It’s all backed up on the Seagate external hard drive but I can’t figure out how to access it. Tried for hours but it’s smarter than me. If any of you guys know how, send me an email. There’s a ton of stuff on it, everything from my laptop was backed up on it.

I think I’ll have to lay down before I start on the business plan. Got blisters on my hand from using that hoe non stop for two days. Feels like there’s one on my right foot but can’t be sure till I look. That’s the foot that is numb from the paralysis. I can still feel things but not very well.

Yeah, now that I’ve come in and sat down the tiredness is coming on hard. As long as I was up and working I was fine but it won’t take long for me to fall asleep. See ya.

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