Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am ashamed.

7/28/09 Tuesday
I took Ben in to have the pin removed from his leg. Also took Trixie to have her foot looked at. She’s been limping for quite some time and it’s obviously painful so we were concerned. Seems that she might have broken a toe or, most likely, dislocated it. Dr. Law said it would be ok in a few weeks.

We got a newsletter from my friend and mentor, Ron. I won’t use his last name because of what he does. He was at Cherie and I’s first wedding and Under his tutelage I helped him found and build a church in Oregon, Ohio, that still stands today. Ron ministers to the persecuted Muslim Christians in the mid east. “Muslim Christian” you ask? Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? These are former Muslim’s who converted to Christ and in the Islamic world that is a literal death sentence. In Egypt there is one of the largest garbage dumps in the world. When a Muslim converts to Christianity, or at least when it becomes known, they instantly lose everything. Their possessions, bank accounts, and anything else is seized. Then they, and often their whole family are taken to this garbage dump. It’s known as Garbage city now. Ron is able to take in medical supplies, some food, and clean water when he visits the country. He gets a lot of opposition from the government so often must use subterfuge.

The last time he went, not too long ago, he discovered that something like 20,000 of these Christians had been loaded on trucks and disappeared, along with all the pigs they could find. Because the Muslims don’t eat pork these pigs are their principle source of meat in the garbage dump. The Egyptian government claimed that the reason these pigs were removed was because of the swine flue. Folks, this has been going on for decades. It is a regular event for these Christians to be loaded on trucks and taken to the desert where they are never heard of again. Whether they are killed or left to die in the desert it is not known but death is almost certain. 20,000? That’s a lot! Yes it is. And it’s only a portion of the Christians who live in Garbage city. I can’t recall but there is an amazing number of people living there, making homes out of garbage and even churches to worship in. I’ll tell you what, here’s the story just as Ron had written it in the newsletter.

A tragic event is happening in the “Garbage City”. When we arrived we were told that 20,000 Christians had already been taken to the dessert along with their pigs. The Swine Flu scare is the excuse they are using, and at that time there were no cases in Egypt. In the Garbage City there are a few that are fortunate enough to have pigs because Muslims do not eat pork and it does give them meat. We were all heart sick as Brother Daniel and others told us what had happened. Mother Teresa’s group asked to talk to Ron and asked if he could help stop this disaster. As the group were in the Rock Church we all began to cry and pray for the crime that was happening. Our group was in shock to learn that most Christians there do not feel they will be alive into the winter seasons. Officials have been contacted about letting them be transported to Mt. Sinai where the Coptic Christians could help them for a cost. We have been told that the moving has been stopped for now. You will not hear about this on any news report, but, we were there. In Germany there was a TV report showing the moving in trucks, (A friend confirmed the report & he saw both pigs & people in the truck). PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL THE CHRISTIANS IN THE GARBAGE CITY. They are only there because they were once Muslim & now Christian. Nothing is impossible with God!
Here is the address for the Cubit Foundation, which Ron founded. http://www.cubitfoundation.org

After reading his newsletter I am ashamed. I’m ashamed that I worry about little things like weeds growing out of control, I’m ashamed I worry about anything for no matter how bad it’s been or can be I’m blessed and in better shape than these or many others around the world. I also carry shame because of how I fell away from my faith and eventually turned my back on God. Ron is my friend and was my mentor. I can only imagine the things I could have accomplished if I’d stayed true, the lives I could have changed, the things God had planned to do through me. It’s been slow but gradually, over the last seven years since I woke up, my faith is being restored.

Ron’s latest newsletter isn’t on his website yet. I downloaded it in the Publisher format so am uncertain how to translate that into regular stuff I can send out, but it came as an attachment. If any of you would like to have a copy send me an email or leave a comment with your email address and I’ll be happy to send it. I want to everything I can to help Ron and his family with this and the many other things the Cubit Foundation is doing. A big part of that will be getting people aware of this. I’ve been advised that this must be done with care because the possibility exists that Ron will not be allowed to enter these countries he ministers in if the Islamic controlled government understands what he does. Please tell your friends and pastors as well. Ron will be touring Texas and other areas speaking and fund raising for this ministry. Email me if you wish for more information. I’ll be approaching the GLC television station with this as well. And pray. Pray.

So worrying about money, about the future, about all these things that in this light are trivial, is something I now see as disgraceful. I know that doesn’t mean I’ll stop but I think I’ll see things in a new light. Actually I don’t worry too much about these things, just get frustrated. Since I woke up I’ve been homeless and not known when or if I would eat, not known where I could find a warm place to sleep in the cold Toledo weather, and not known if I would be safe from those on the streets with me who were violent drug addicted and mentally ill. This experience gave me an appreciation for the hidden hand that supplied all my needs and guided my feet. It gives me a confidence that my path is ordered and that as long as I avoid the pitfalls along the way I will be safe. And Cherie is with me. I guess my biggest concern is for her.

So let me ask you a question. WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT IN THIS WORLD? Is it how much money you make? Is it what others think of you? Is it being successful in your job? Or is it the lives you can change and the good things you can do. For the Christian the answer should be clear. The bible says to “Lay up your treasures in Heaven, where moths and rust can’t corrupt” and it goes on to indicate that nothing we do down here is important except what honors God. That could be as simple as living right and making sure those around us see that holiness, that pureness that exemplifies God. To avoid those things that dishonor our faith and give an impression to others of something less. Like the bible says "Whatever is pure, whatever is holy, whatever is just, think on these things" and "Whatever you do in word or deed, do all for the glory of God". I know I'm getting preachy but understand, I used to be a pastor and all things in my life are being restored. From my marriage and now my faith.

I love you guys, all the hidden readers who follow our story on a regular basis and the rest of you who leave encouraging comments. You long time followers have seen me evolve, have seen how my mental clarity and vision have improved and become more focused. I can sense that things are coming to a head, that it’s time. Time for what I don’t know but there’s something coming. We’ll find out what together folks. Do me and Ron a big favor. At the bottom of each post is an envelope. Click on this and send the post to as many people as you can.

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