Monday, July 27, 2009

Learned what I already knew

I just figured something out that I already knew. That’s not unusual for me as I must relearn lessons I’ve learned until they stay. This one will be a big help regarding the weed situation I was just whining about. Seems that if I turn the bucket on the end loader of the tractor all the way down, put it hard on the ground, and run backwards it will scrape the surface like a bulldozer blade but not too deep. Doing this cleans the surface of about 80% of the weeds. I’ve been doing that for the last hour or two. Needed to do it in order to level the ground where I want to put the new batch of blackeyed peas so that’s how I rediscovered this. It will be a big help in my fight with the weeds and save me days worth of work. No, not days, weeks but there’s still lots to do.

I came in to cool off from the heat. Now that I’ve sat down and turned the fan on I just want to go to sleep. No time for that. So I’ll drink a huge cup of tea with a little of the grapefruit soda we found at HEB in it. Makes a nice flavor. I learned on the GLC channel that a little lemon or citric acid helps the body absorb 80% more of the anti oxidants found in the green tea we use. That’s good stuff and it helps with arthritis as well as mental function. Come to find out green tea is the same stuff as regular tea, just made different. That’s one of the things we are looking into growing. That would be cool, to grow our own tea. Plus there are lots of herbs that make great teas too.

Maybe I should take a short nap. Usually do about this time of day. Geneva, that sweet little old lady we helped, just called. She mostly wanted to talk and to thank me for the blackeyed peas I dropped off last week. Geneva also mentioned that she would like me to come visit next time I’m in town. I need to make it a point to do. Hope I don’t forget.

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