Saturday, October 31, 2009

computer's down

Well I'll be without my laptop for a bit so there won't be as many posts. Took it to Best Buy and they let me know it was probably a corrupted operating system. Said it would cost a hundred bucks to have them try and copy the info on the hard drive. I was going to do that but decided to go online and read up on it. Looks like I can buy a device for $30 bucks that I can plug the hard drive in and then copy the contents onto our desktop computer. We don't use that one at all now a days because it needs a new fan. So I'll do that and hope it works. There are some other things I found that can be done but they are more complex. I could take the hard drive out of my laptop and install it in Cherie's to access the info but don't want to take the chance of messing her's up. There could be a virus of some type that caused this. Most of my info was backed up on the third of September so I won't lose much. I can restore the operating system with my restoration disk but that would erase everything.

Been working at the old man's for the last few days refinishing an old desk and finishing some new doors he has for his new building. I really enjoy it and it takes me back to the years I did a lot of this kind of thing. But I'm relearning things I used to know, making mistakes I realize I had once known not to do. That's cool though.

Got an email from a lady who's writing a book about someone who woke from a coma with amnesia. She came to the blog as she researched traumatic brain injuries. It was nice to see that, lets me know my story helps some understand TBI issues. I almost deleted her email as spam because I didn't recognize her name and there was no subject but felt an urge to look at it for some reason. I normally don't for fear of catching a virus as has so often happened.

Speaking of TBI things here's another tidbit of bob life. We watched two of the Charlie Brown cartoons the last two days. You know, the old ones with the pumpkin patch Halloween stuff. Now I know I've seen these many times in my life but here's a benefit from losing your memory. They were brand new to me, so it was like I'd never seen them before. And it was refreshing to find something on TV that wasn't offensive, that wasn't full of crap about sex, gays, murder, lying, cheating, and all the other things that "entertainment" seems to focus on. It's strange, I guess, that here I am, an ex convict, former drug addict, alcoholic, and a whole lot more and what the world finds entertaining I find uncomfortable and unappealing. I like simple and more pure things now and am grateful for the changes that have brought me here. That would be God, you know. When I woke from the coma I truly stared a new life though it was a hard row to walk for a while. But I am blessed, grateful to be alive and for the life I have now.

I will be speaking next Wednesday about that in Odessa. It will be at a Christian luncheon that meets every week there. I'll get the name of the restaurant for you later and announce the time in case any of you want to stop in and meet me or hear it.

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