Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another day in Texas

7/12/06 Wednesday
It will be another hot day, somewhere around 103 degrees. Cherie checked our Toledo bank accounts and caught a problem. She will have to call up there and talk to our banker to figure this out. I know that when we reserved our hotel room the money is put on hold or something like that. Somehow the savings account was tapped into because we were twenty one dollars short. We’ll figure it out later. This morning we meet with Patrick Duffy and hopefully the remaining seven or eight thousand from the inheritance will be released. This journey to Texas has been expensive.

I am only running at a five on the Bob scale. Yesterday was rough so perhaps this is just a residual thing. I know that stress triggers my slow downs but was fine the first week here. Who knows, I sure don’t. Just took some aspirin. I forgot to take my seizure pill last night so that’s not good.

We just got back from our meeting with Mr. Duffy. I knew I would like him. He was talking to Jim McGilvray when we made it to his office. I was still pretty slow when we first sat down. Patrick had gotten the ball rolling for us to receive the rest of the money from the checking account and had also convinced Jim that $5000 was a little much to hold back pending unforeseen debts.

When we got done discussing that we brought up the life insurance policy Lee had through Civil Service. It looks like there are two different things here. One was a retirement and the other life insurance. We left that in his hands as I haven’t seemed to be able to follow up on this and was a bit confused.

From there we talked about the farm and getting a loan to improve the property. There Patrick gave us some invaluable advice. His dad was a banker and his brother continued in that tradition. I can’t remember all of what he said but Cherie will be able to recall some of it. Patrick outlined the best way to approach a bank, explaining what and what not to say. He also explained different sorts of loan strategies.

In the course of the conversation we were surprised to learn he was familiar with the Bible college Cherie and I met at. He is even on their mailing list. This kind of changed the tone of the conversation as he became more relaxed about what he said. The language of this branch of Christianity is one we are familiar with. Kind of like a dialect. While this is not a part of my life now it is still a language I speak well.

As we talked I cleared up as I often do. This allowed him to see first hand what I go through. I feel this is good as it helps folks understand a little more. When they don’t have an understanding it leads to them making the wrong conclusion about why I act certain ways. It is not unusual for folks to think that someone with my level of brain injury is on drugs or drinking because of what they observe.

We went to Denny’s after all this. Ordered a breakfast plate that was twice the size I thought it was. So did Cherie. We were both surprised when it came out and neither of us finished the whole thing. Then we came back to our room where we have made some phone calls and Cherie called the bank in Toledo to get that straightened out. I am tired as I always am after a slow down. Probably should take a short nap.

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