Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the way back

7/16/06 Sunday
Sunday morning. We are in Rolla, Missouri. Drove till one in the morning and only quit when we were both so tired it was pretty much necessary. I didn’t want to leave the farm yesterday. Instead I took a ton of pictures. We want to hit the road quickly this morning so we can get to our Toledo home, perhaps while it is still daylight. The weather station tells us that the midwest is in a heat wave with temperatures in the Toledo area reaching 98 or so. Great. We will get to experience the difference humidity makes first hand. Triple digit temperatures in Texas and now ninety eight in Toledo. I will fill in the details of our journey after that so here are some pictures for now.
The Napoleon of the farm. I will conquer.

More wildlife. This one is small, only six inches. Saw one that was a foot long. We got to go.
9:40 PM – We are back in Toledo. It was a long long drive. After eleven hours in the drivers seat I was getting pretty rank. Then we get to this apartment building and were hit in the face with the smell of cat urine and crap that has been permeating this place for weeks now. I am certain it is Mia’s cat downstairs. This is nothing new. She doesn’t take care of this very well, in fact she buried one of her cats last year out under a tree near the parking lot. Don’t know for sure, just saw her digging a hole and never saw her white cat in the window again. In the big batch of mail that has collected over the last two weeks was a notice from our landlord. It said there has been a pet odor in the building and that a $150 deposit would be required if we had a pet. Great, just what we need. We will be glad to be out of here when we move to Texas. The smell of the city will not be missed.

Carman kitty is going nuts, demanding pets, meowing, letting us know he missed us. We are exhausted. I want to go to bed but Cherie is obsessing about all the mail and anything else she feels can’t wait. I tried to get her to just relax but that won’t happen. There is much we will need to deal with over the next couple of months in preparation for our move. There is another offer to purchase the land and also the house in the mail but no price. Don’t care about a price, it is not for sale. I suppose for a million bucks but that won’t happen.

I don’t think Cherie will be settling down tonight. She is going a mile a minute. I may have to take this laptop in to the shop because it is still acting funny. There is too much to sort out right now so I will try to get Cherie to settle so we can try to get some sleep.

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