Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Going to be hot

7/11/06 Tuesday
I just checked my calendar and saw to my dismay that today is Bruce’s birthday. Damn. All I can do now is send him an E mail. I keep forgetting these times. Forgot Adam’s birthday last year also.

The weather report says it will be 100 degrees today and 102 for Wednesday and Thursday. We are getting out of here early to beat the heat. Yesterday the heat drained us. I think we will rent a trailer to haul the appliances and furniture away. Some of it we will donate to Salvation Army. Not sure what else will go on today, should hear from the attorney. Got to get moving so we can get out of here while it is under ninety degrees.
Here's a picture of the oil well Byron

11:50 – I am not doing real good. Running a 3 on the Bob scale. This slow down is a physical one on top of the brain not processing well. I have to be careful so I don’t trip or fall down. Have a headache an top of that. I think that these slow downs were why my brother would accuse me of using drugs. I used to beg him to look at some of the websites on brain injury I would find while I was in St Louis so he would understand. He never did, confident in his ignorance, having a predisposition that put me in the negative no matter what. He chose not to understand. On our way out here we passed a small tractor that was for sale in a front yard along the highway. Pulling in we called the number on the sign. The guy came out of his house and we talked about it. He wants $3900 for it. I don’t have a clue if that is good or not. As we talked it came out that he too had a traumatic brain injury. He said he could forget who he was talking to if there were two or more people there. Got to go help Cherie now. Just took a break to write this. Oh, by the way, the fogger seems to have hit the bees hard as there are only a few around now. I stuffed the hole with a rag.

1:20 – Well my voice has cleared up, a good sign that this brain is clearing up. Unfortunately the body is not doing as well. If I were to close my eyes I would fall over because of the loss of balance I have at these times. It is so frustrating for me. I have little energy and my stomach is not real settled. I would prefer to not use this throne out here in the garage but don’t have a choice. I think this is from the food we ate at the Jumborrito place yesterday. It didn’t set well with Cherie either.

We got the rest of the carpet pulled up in the living room. Cherie did lots of the work as I wasn’t doing well. Both of us were exhausted by 2:00. It wasn’t hard to decide to call it a day. We came back to the hotel room and cleaned up. After we drove to the mall Cherie had seen from the highway. Cherie was looking forward to getting acquainted with what Midland has to offer shopping wise. This is one of her joys.

She doesn’t have to buy anything, just looking is a form of relaxation for her. She enjoyed looking at clothes and I went to Sears and enjoyed looking at the woodworking tools, fantasizing about the woodshop I wish to build. It was a good time for us both. I was clearing up pretty good by then. After that we drove around and found a nice restaurant. They have been hard for us to find as we are not at all familiar with this city. That is slowly changing.

We will meet with our attorney, Patrick Duffy, tomorrow. Hopefully things will get wrapped up regarding the estate. Let you know how that goes. This was a rough day for me. I hate getting slapped in the face by this thing they call a disability. Tomorrow will be better. Here's a picture of the baby birds we have by the kitchen door. Don't know what kind of birds they are but they make their nest with mud. I like different.

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